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Il Malpertugio(IT) stoner psycho rock from southern italy !
 Il Malpertugio(IT) after stoner rock revolution most of the bands at late 90 mimic the sounds and riff's of Kyuss ,Fu Manchu ,Clutch 'Il Malpertugio 'comes with their own music style influenced from grunge , metal from many sub genres and some stoner rock, five guys perform some unexpectable strange piece of (shit). Watch the video 'Child of the clouds' with jew’s harp from Ivan Gojira Franzini. READ MORE:

Il Malpertugio(IT) (promo shoot)

Mamont (SE) retro stoner rock from Nyköping in south east sweden with ruthlessly riffs and raw sound leave no stone unturned ! for fans of pentagram and graveyard the young bloods of stonerrock scene!
 Mamont (SE) after the excellent heavy earthquake riffs of 'Passing Through The Mastery Door' strikes back with a new EP (the vinyl is gatefold and strictly limited) on Napalm Records. Watch the video 'Airborn' - flawless work from the Swedes! READ MORE:

Mamont (SE) stoner rock for Sweden (promo shoot)

File under:Prog space rock - Le Mur(de) from Bochum with dark trip rock and cinematic psychedelic rock - from Velvet underground&'s art rock to hawkwind's space rock!
 Le Mur(DE) comes with the second album on indie label Tribal Stomp .Listen on soundcloud and watch their Videos - buy on cargo-records on 'Silentia Nova' the second in trilogy of albums create their own sound and identity that have many elements from the kraut origin and 70's space rock sources. READ MORE:
le mur-band-2012

Le Mur:Janine on bass Matthias:Guitar,Vox & Georgios:Drums

the chaotic riff engine Karma to Burn(us) & enigmatic cadence of Sons of Alpha Centauri(uk) in two track instrumental mayhem on color wax by H42 Records - must listen!
 Karma to Burn(US) and Sons of Alpha Centauri(UK) merge their forces again in limited split 7" inch 53/71.Listen on bandcamp and buy on H42Records before gone! For stoner rock collectors and not only. READ MORE:

Karma to Burn-Sons of Alpha Centauri(Poster) h42 records

Candybar Planet(NL) blasting new lp/cd 'Timelapse' featuring 36 min's of groovy solid stoner songs from Eindhoven stoner city - if is not this stoner rock then what's is !
 Candybar Planet(NL) come back on stage on 2013 with a new album after 14 years on studio, remember the 32 BiTCH with Betty Page on the cover ? Listen 'Spin Off' see the live shot of Unwind and vote! READ MORE:

Candybar Planet(NL)

Pyrior(DE) trippy instrumental stoner POST from berlin - for fans of earthless K2B & 35007 - they support Sgt.Sunshine at Jägerklause Berlin (16 may) & nil potsdam (17may)
 Pyrior(DE) following the tradition of Rotor(DE) and other Germans pioneers My Sleeping Karma (DE) ,inspired by Los Natas(AR). Check tracks like ''Nostromo' listen the trippy psychedelic of intro track Pulsar feel the hard rock energy of Dustown and vote! READ MORE:


Interview with THE SKULL (US) - file under u.s doom: three FORMER TROUBLE MEMBERS Ron Holzner , Jeff “Oly” Olson , Eric Wagner , & the new guitarist  Matt Goldsborough answer about doom the new album & future plans - not only for doomers !
 THE SKULL(US) a doom metal band from Chicago features original Trouble members vocalist Eric Wagner and drummer Jeff "Oly" Olson alongside longtime former Trouble bassist Ron Holzner , they bring the 80's doom spirit through Tee Pee Records in 7" inch release "Sometime Yesterday Mourning/Last Judgment".  Big thanks to Leigh Rush Olson for the process for this interview. Click the link read the Interview and enter the world of The Scull !  READ MORE:

THE SKULL (US) The Line up Photo is by Ty Klingsick

hommage(de) take the alternative rock of t.s.o.l the desert rock of early q.o.t.s.a and make their own post stoner rock formations - post stoner experimental think in a new dimension! FOR FANS OF 'RED AIM' AND NEBULA
 Hommage(DE)  with two former members of progressive rock band 'Ants in the Earth' they released the debut CD in digipack Invaders'. explore the tracks one by but if look for a hit listen 7 Days and the carefully the guitar textures of Caravan READ MORE:


Dö(FN) from Helsinki a sludge doom band - the slow primitive sounds and unkind riffs will pierce your ears !
 Dö (FN) a new band from Finland already record a 3-song Demo (free download on Bandcamp) and video clip of the song Everblast. Sludge doom edgy sounds with 80's material in their darkest forms! READ MORE:

Dö (FN)

PRESS RELEASE - THE SKULL (US) former TROUBLE members - Two New Singles  Available For Streaming - Leigh Olson Management and Media  Relations FORMER PENTAGRAM GUITARIST MATT GOLDSBOROUGH RECRUITED

  THE SKULL(US) - the heavy doom-rock band featuring original and former TROUBLE members - have debuted two new singles today recorded with acclaimed producer/engineer Billy Anderson (MELVINS, NEUROSIS) via Tee Pee Records. You can now stream the songs "Sometime Yesterday Mourning" and "The Last Judgment" at either of the links below.  READ MORE: 


The Scull (US) The Line up Photo is by Ty Klingsick

the swill(US) nwobhm 80's era with proto doom , from a true metallers ex members of Ghost Tower ,Trouble & Solace the first EP 'Thirst For Misery' - fans of solstice & The Obsessed will be pleased ...!
 The Swill (US) formed in 2012 from members of Heavy/Thrash Metal backgrounds ,they raise back the 80's proto doom metal style of Pagan Altar(UK) Witchfinder General(UK) and introduce to you the first EP Thirst For Misery Released only in limited edition of 50 cassette copies but is also offered as FREE DOWNLOAD! listen the memorable choruses of You Are Alone and Deeper Dungeons and vote them ! READ MORE:

The Swill(US) promo shot

The Scull(US)
 The Scull(US)  a doom band  on Tee  Pee featuring members of Trouble .READ MORE

Nibiru(IT)  a stoner psychedelic sludge band from Turin north Italy. READ MORE:

 Yawning Sons(UK)
 Yawning Sons(UK) with Gary Arce Former and Nick Hannon READ MORE:

Fehler(NL) from Utrecht south Netherlands READ MORE:

DESERTFEST BERLIN - The top heavy stoner doom festival


Sons of Alpha Centauri - website
sons-of-alpha-centauri website

Sons of Alpha Centauri website - instrumental stoner post rock

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