brand new feature documentary about the origins of the desert / stoner rock scene is out by Jason Pine and his Project Desert Age

DESERT AGE is a feature length documentary about the history and legacy of a very specific music genre that originated in the deserts of California in the late 1970s. In the film we explore the people, places and stories that have continued to shape the genre to this day.

Official Site:http://www.desertagefilm.com/

new video from pylon(sw) The track 'Saligia' from 'Homo Homini Lupus' album with new line up Jordan Cutajar from (Nomad son) take the main vocal duties

Pylon(SW) - File under: Epic Doom - PŸLON released the new album on Roxx Records 'Homo Homini Lupus',the band move on doom on doomsters!Must see the video clip directed by Guitarist Oliver Schneider.

Now the band have facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/pylondoom

video lady by tricorn(uk) from the album 'The Walk of Shame'

Tricorn(UK) - released the new album via Bad shrink records and Plastic head records as distributors, the album is being distributed all around UK,USA , European Union, Japan,China ,etc basically worlwide.the video clip

Link to facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/Tricorn.Official.band

Eryn Non Dae(FR) Hidden Lotus (OFFICIAL VIDEO) for  fans of doom metal extreme sounds - follow the link to watch worth it 100% !

Eryn Non Dae(FR) - here is the video clip of Hidden Lotus by the french progressive metal band Eryn Non Dae. The song is taken from Meliora album in stores since October 2012.

Link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Eryn-Non-Dae/355648971624

Link  for the Video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYP9N8g3Wpk&feature=youtu.be

Hellryde Inc(mx) - Love is in the grave - brand new video from the first single Directed by: Adrix Gaal - heavy rock from mexico , roll over !
 Hellryde Inc(mx) - a heavy rock band from Monterey Mexico make a new video - available also on iTunes  Hellryde Inc is Edson Lee: Vocals ,Jesús Osuna: Lead Guitar ,Guillermo Uribe: Bass ,Javier Arévalo: Drums , Antonio Saucedo:Guitar  , video  released now ! Link: http://hellrydeinc.bandcamp.com/

Aiapaec(PR) - Clear Dream-totally pure independent stuff !!! from the other side of the world salutes to these guys-enjoy the music samples
 Aiapaec(PR) a stoner psychedelic band from Peru !  Link: https://www.facebook.com/AiEpaec  

Mars red sky(fr) will release a vinyl soon "Be My Guide" EP (2013) teaser video give you the taste for it ..includes 4 songs in 40 minutes
 Mars red sky(FR) again on limited copies plus a great artwork ! Red Sound. 4 songs (30') / 45rpm / 180gr. Special Limited Edition of 100 copies  Link: Pre Order : http://marsredsky.bigcartel.com/  Link:www.facebook.com/marsredskyband

New Chron Goblin(CA) Music video - "Bring Your Idols" Stoner rock with punk attitude a suggestion from us !
Chron Goblin(CA) a Stoner/Rock n' Roll band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Released by Chron Goblin Entertainment filmed & Shot at Calgary. Feel free to listen and follow them on twitter, facebook Link:chrongoblin.com Link:facebook.com/ChronGoblin  Link:twitter.com/ChronGoblin  


nEW BAND FROM HOLLAND Snowburner(nL) WITH The Jester VIDEO CHECK - OUT NOW THE EP Our debut EP on Black Death Records
Snowburner (NL) a heavy punky bluesy trio ! is out for some gigs on Friday September 28th   De Vinger, Den Haag  Read here: about the band

Radar men from the Moon (NL) news video
Radar men from the Moon (NL) (a space stoner band) released a new teaser video for `Atomic Mother` from the upcoming album Echo forever  Radar Men From The moon    

Madam Trashy(US)  Book of Dead video
Madam Trashy(US) release the new fresh professional video �Book of Dead� from the same title album , directed by Brian Walsh (many actors involved) they also been nominated for Metal Storm�s �Best Alternative Metal Album of 2011″  have a look and vote : Metalstorm Awards

Sardonis(BE)  Video 'Entering the Woods'
Sardonis(BE) the heavy rock instrumental stonerrock duo present the new Video 'Entering the Woods' made by the almighty Doctor Waselino,the new album are finished and will be out soon so stay tuned. link: www.sardonis666.be  
Aspen(PR)  video
Aspen(PR) is the brand new project from the old Cosmic Vishnu heavy duo, exploring now that heavy rock, beefy, chunky, two-ton heavyness sound, with the addition of a third member on bass guitar. Aspen release the first EP, entitled "Winds of Revenge"  at Lovers and Lollypops in November this year. Official Website 

Kamchatka(SE) video
New official video from retro blues power trio rockers Kamchatka(SE) from newest 4rd album "BURY YOUR ROOTS" directed by Lars Glendell ,more info at Kamchatka official website.

Stoner Alternative band SAMAVAYO(DE)  Video UNIVERSE  from the latest release Cosmic Knockout Out know on Setaligth Records official website: Setalight Records  
TRICORN (UK)  video
TRICORN (UK) Give Me Some More from S/T CD on need sleep records.

Massahara(BR) video
Massahara(BR)  from Sao Paolo In (Já Nem Ligo Mais) a retro Classic rock band influenced by Cream and Led Zeppelin 70's and sung in Portuguese ,have to see this band with  this  unique performance . 


Dala Sun (GR) - Saladun
Dala Sun (GR) - Saladun Theme Video  from the  same title debut album released on late 2010 a hypnotic desert rock song.


Dala Sun

O L D  V I D E O S                                                      



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