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Dö (fn) - the darkest doom you ever listen lately these sludgesters firmly cemented to the own style of doom and gloom ! for fan of weedeater and OCEAN CHIEF !
 Dö (fn) a power trio from Helsinki released 'Den CD ' in a DIY style , the band says the slowest the darkest the angriest mood is consist better results listen 'Hex'' only for original doom metal freaks ! read and vote them now ! READ MORE:

Dö (FN)

Pyrior(de) - planetarium futuristic heavy rock from berlin the third album 'Onestone' is a stoner psychedelia in the vein of 'My Sleeping Karma (DE) include the amazing guitar work of Max Appeal , fans of Rotor(DE) and Glowsun(FR) must listen
 Pyrior (DE) released 'Onestone' album on Setalight and Fuzzmatazz records Pyrior (DE) will play live in Berlin Swamp Fest 2015 Link: Festival - The album have track like 'Arakis' and 'Sunrise' ,stoner and desert core mixed with futurist direction of post metal in the style of Pelican (US) read listen and vote them ! READ MORE:
 Pyrior band

Pyrior (DE) promo shot by Jorg Steinhauer

FILE UNDER: old fashion rOck - Långfinger (SE) rock n roll from Sweden for the with soul and core ! fans of hellacopters and soundtrack of our lives and Sewergrooves must listen !
 Långfinger (SE) Managed by Daniel Hansson of 40ft.se group release on Beduin Records "Slow Rivers". The album appears members of 'Soundtrack Of Our Lives' and 'Union carbide Productions' , songs like 'Caligulos times' and 'New blood' wins you instantly almost excellent songs ! READ MORE:

Långfinger (SE) promotional shot by Max Ljungberg

Hypnochron (US) Chicago first occult doom meta from the crypt ! 'herbs for the alter' is out now , a new song Aphasia is free on bandcamp for fans of electric wizard & Green machine
 Hypnochron (US) self release the "Herbs for the Alter" .The power trio have maintened a dark raw sound and with songs like 'Nebula' and the fantastic 'Snort' detached from the ordinary doom metal scene also have the change to open for Karma To Burn early this year. READ MORE:

Hypnochron (US) performed live 2014

Linus Pauling Quartet (US) TEXAS psych rock band strikes again released a 7" inch single in the vein of mudhoney and black Sabbath and for fans of THE MIKE GUNN underground but not underrated !
 LP4 (US) self release the "C is For Cthulhu" a monotonic heavy psych song .listen and watch 'C is For Cthulhu ' professional video and the chaotic b-side includes bliss blood from Pain Teens ! READ MORE:

Linus Pauling Quartet (US) performed live 2014 Ramon,Charly, Larry , Stephen and Clinton on far right

Samurai (AR)the trippy power trio from Rafaela Argerntina come back with a second album , besides from the stoner obsession these guys have a more thinks to give you they travel us with 'Sol de Sangre' to mysterious places
 Samurai (AR) self release the second album 'Sol de Sangre' extend the sounds from psychedelic stoner rock to more experimental prog rock without leave their characteristics listen 'Cigarro Americano' read the review and buy factory made double cd , maybe some day could be a collectors item! READ MORE:

Samurai (AR) performed live


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