Interview El Camino (ES) a stoner rock duo from Talavera Spain.
OCTOBER  7 2011 Hello .There not so many info in the Internet  about your band  so tell us about a small biography and line up;  A stoner rock duo ; we know many punk rock bands with only two members but stoner not many ,how become El Camino EP ( nada ) recording , the first live gig ;

El Camino: We start at august 2008. We wanted to play stoner and talk about skateboarding, weed and weird paradises. We decided to be a two piece band (bass and drums), both of us love bands like Om and Big Bussines... by the other way, nobody wants to play with us...
We were thinking in stay together just for this summer, but we haven't anything better to do, so here we are.
We record this first EP on a friend's studio (was horrible but great) and the result is "finissimo" and also he has a swimming pool.
Our first show was in a pub under our house in Talavera, where the drummer works like a barman. We're just starting, and now is when we can start to play outside. We've the chance to arrive to a lot of people through internet.

El Camino - .​.​.​de nada

El Camino-de-nada First release ( nada) are available for free , there are plans to contact with labels for the releasing in physical format ;Have you ever have an idea to recording in acoustic style like , Los Natas ( toba trance , Ararat ) , the songs in the Ep are quite heavy , do you add instruments in the recording mixing ;

Tell us the favorite sound 's records for this summer  ;

El Camino:Well, we actually do have physical copies of our first release, which we swap with other bands for free. We haven't any plans to contact with any label, we belong to a collective called 'Monasterio de Cultura' (Monastery of Culture) which tries to swap and share music as freely as we can. Our release was paid out of our own pocket and we try to have returns just to publish more copies.
Recording in acoustic style is in our future plans -right now we are finishing our second EP, which will be pretty much like the first one. We record very quickly and time is always an issue, so we really can't focus on little details like recording one song in acoustic.
In our first EP we only recorded the bass guitar with a BIG MUFF and the drums. We included a baglama in 'Excalibur' and some other stuff we found somewhere.
This summer we have discovered BLACK PYRAMID, which we loved, and there is this other band called ELDER that's definitely a must' And we haven't stopped listening to Stoner/Doom classics Sure independent  record  labels  helps in these directions .Would you like to tell us , if audience / readers / collectors possible to order  the Ep cd ;We glad that we have news for new album , hope to listen it soon .There bands in Spain that you might suggest to us , check out in these Stoner rock scene ? and international there are some ambition s to perform El Camino in some event like Road Burn ?

El Camino: Yes, it's possible to order the EP CD. In the web admins will tell people how to place the order.

In Spain there is a very rich Stoner scene and it's constantly growing. In our opinion, one of the bands with a lot of character and experience is MOHO, from Madrid. Desert Icons is another band that's starting and that has a bright future ahead. In terms of Sludge, we have CRUDO, a band we are lucky to share our band practice space.

El Camino is available and really wants to play in any event; Road Burn would be really great for us, it's something we would like to do, to seize any possibility to share the stage with bands from the Stoner scene. It's something that we are really looking forward to (and we would play anywhere).
Thank you very much and congratulations for your website, we really like to know that there are people interested in this in an altruistic way.... Thanks ,we glad to discover bands well promising like El Camino in Spain and World wide ,and have soon news from the new full album .


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