Interview with sludge doom band fehler(nl) from Utrecht south Netherlands - the drummer ruud answers the questions -  courtesy of hammerheart records - dissona cd/lp out now !
 Fehler(NL) from Netherlands plays Sludge doom with post metal elements! After the ‘Adharma’  on Black Death Records jump to famous Dutch label Hammerheart Records to release the marvelous 'Dissona Twan van Geel (Legion Of The Damned/Bunkur).

Fehler(NL):Twan:guitar,Demian:guitar,Ruud:drums,Freek:bass/vox Hello Guys thanks for accept the answers for the Interview. Netherlands are famous to stoner 's music lovers & not for the hash bars free attitude & such, how Fehler  decides to play sludge doom music !!! ,there  are some  elements of stoner music in Fehler ; 

Fehler: : As with many bands, you start out with a certain direction in your minds. When we got together as a band we had already talked about different bands we like and we decided get things going by rehearsing some covers, I think it was Crowbar, Cursed and Tragedy. These are all different types of bands. The common ground it that they all sound low and pretty depressive and have a great deal of energy in their music as well. I thing that is what we are trying to do as well. We're definitely not a typical stoner band but we don't mind putting some of that muggy, sweaty vibe in some of our songs. Though we use is ourselves, sludge is a strange term; it's not a style per se, it's more of a sound actually. Fehler loves to write tunes that sound filthy and beautiful at the same time. Songs that are both beauty and beast. As for the free spirit of Dutch people... It's been on the demise. There's more stress in our society and our economy than there has been in a long time. Though The Netherlands are still a great country to live in, we've lost some of our original shine. People are less relaxed. Maybe because our (previous) government was more or less trying to get rid of coffee shops, who knows...

FEHLER(NL) DISSONA CD ON HAMMERHEART RECORDS listen  some samples of  Adharma on bandcamp &  off course Dissona Cd .( the only track attemps to first work directly is 'Dreams of Lead' ) Dissona is much more melodic than first Ep - this is a result of the addition of guitarist Twan van Geel make the music more wide and complicated or  is it natural direction of band music paths to post doom; I note the addition of the cello at the start s & ending of dissona - you know most people come some death doom groups like  My Dying Bride &  early Celestial Season from you country , you listen death doom sometimes all right ;  What is the connection on songs 'In Her Eyes' and 'Plagues and Strangers' seems quite similar !

Fehler: "You're right. The addition of a second guitar player in our line-up has made it possible for us to add more guitar layers - or melodies if you will - in our music. In stead of choosing for cheerful melodies we've tried to add value by adding guitar parts that tend towards post/doom and even black metal. Not literally but I think we do capture some of those atmospheres. Because of the three-piece line-up we had during the 'Adharma' ep, those songs are far more explosive. For the full length album we choose to write a couple of epic sounding songs and to combine these with short outbursts like 'Dreams Of Lead'. The first version of that song was originally on the demo we did before Adharma. For me the combination of long songs and short outburst works very well in a live setting. Especially if people aren't familiar with your music, it's a good way to keep surprising them during a set. Whenever I see a new band, I can be turned off by musicians who can only write one type of song. We strongly try to avoid that. The cello was incorporated in 'Dissona' to add more drama and feel. We had a real cello player in the studio (she actually hated metal music) and are really happy with the way it turned out. There's no real connection between In Her Eyes and Plagues and Strangers, but I can see where your comparison comes from. Both songs have a similar mid-tempo drama-vibe . artwork is more than great ! is it a custom order ? how important is the pictures , visions , art - to your music ; 

Fehler:The artwork is done by Comaworx, a personal friend of the band. He's a pretty big name since he has already worked for bands like Autopsy, Deathspell Omega and Portal in the past. His style is very authentic and he often comes up with images that are disturbing in some way. We feel he has given the record an extra dimension with this hand-made illustration that depicts both life and death. Before Dissona was out, Comaworx already did a shirt design with a dead peace dove for Fehler. Artwork is very important to us. If you want people to buy your lp or cd, you should make sure it looks great. The right kind of paper, a great layout and original imagery will help your album stand out. This is also why we chose a white look in stead of black. you imagine Fehler is some years ; without being a  prophet - i think the post doom experimental metal scene fits on you band , band like 'Capricorns' on Ruded Forms...Album & 'Pelican' - could be very close at this music genre as a physical progression.

Fehler: 'Sounds good to us! We are staying way from the typical postrock/metal style that has been done by so many bands over the last ten years. We're always looking for a different angle. By using different chords, a different rhythmic approach and by completely ignoring the rules of any genre. Everybody in Fehler listens to lots of different styles of music. I think you can hear all of those influences in our songs and we will surely continue to develop our style and stay interesting. The only downside is that a great deals of the metal community consists of genre fans. It can be difficult to put Fehler in a certain corner. We've seen comparisons that range from High On Fire to Lifelover.' Some albums that you dig lately , a brief playlist , on your turntable Cd player ;

Fehler:My top album of last year was Monnos by Conan. They managed to stand out in doom metal, a genre that has been dictated by clichés and is often plagued by mediocre songwriting. Than there's Tilts, a band in the vein of Torche, that I really like. And you should check out the new album by Dutch blackies Verbum Verus, pretty damn negative! A band that never ceases to amaze me is Unsane. Wreck was their 2012 album and shows how this NYC noisecore band is still master of their domain. They are one of the few bands that have sound and style of their own. The same goes for Today Is The Day, who are forever disturbing. Future plans on recordings  & live gigs , do you like  to play live ;I read Fehler support many good bands like 'Kylesa' ,'Suma','Taint',  What is the band that kicks ass - impress ;

Fehler: 'Because we haven't played the number of shows we would like to, Fehler has just started a collaboration with an Amsterdam based booking agency called AUC bookings. Like I said before, it is difficult to put us in a certain corner and that's why we've played with such a wide variety of bands. From Misery Index and The Dillinger Escape plan to Coffins, Kylesa and Kickback. All great bands, all very different. We've already started writing new material for the album to come and we would like to to some more shows outside of The Netherlands in the coming year. Greece would be nice! your thought's or anything for ending if you like ! Thanks !

Fehler:Thanks a lot for your interest in the band. Check out our music and our merch through or our facebook page


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