Interview with Kamchatka (Roger Öjersson) a retro stoner band - album "Bury Your Roots" this September .
OCTOBER 9 2011

Kamchatka (SE)  Left to right

Thomas Andersson - Lead Vox Guitar ,Roger Öjersson - Lead Vox/Bass ,Tobias Strandvik - Drums Hello Kamchatka Band , i would like to know the first important live gig event takes place positive good reviews and reactions from the audience / radio stations ; Kamchatka 's music are such effected by late 60 s and early 70 blues rock and hard rock ,i think there are not many influence from 80's heavy metal , doom metal, or NWOBM ,is that true or that comes randomly ; Kamchatka Band's origin name we know take from the the big Russian volcano peninsula ,visions and pictures etc insired the band composing the music part ways ; contrary the lyrics are more personal like "Before Things Get Rough " and "Worried" "Confessions" how the band compose the songs ;

Kamchatka:The first gig we ever did together was at a Jimi Hendrix tribute concert in Varberg, Sweden. I guess that would be the first and perhaps most important gig we ever had, since without it we may never have met. Otherwise I would have to say the first gig on the US tour we did in 2008 opening for Clutch in Cleveland, Ohio, where we managed to win over a whole crowd that had never heard us before. Made us feel we're on the right
path. May sound a tad narcissistic, but I think we all need acknowledgement once in a while to sustain our illusion of who we are. "Bury Your Roots" CD 2011 Album released in September , how many time prepared for recording 's and mixing before official released by the GMR Music ;"we hear more modern line 's and also progressive rock , than blues rock / hard rock than previews albums " , what is favorite playlists songs , Cd , records in the Kamchatka's members turntables cd players in this period ;What amplifiers effects , Equipment's Guitar's drums uses the band ? I know this is difficult ! what is favorite "Bury Your Roots" track song ?

Kamchatka: Well, actually, while growing up, all three of us were really into bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Accept, so that's kind of where our musical journey began, even though you might not hear that much of that in our music. When we started playing  together our journeys had taken us in different directions which came together in the form of Kamchatka.Thomas, the bluesman with roots in Swedish folk music, Toby, the metal head constantly striving towards Jazz, and me, coming from classical music,shred guitar, Irish folk music and punk rock.When we were looking for a name for the band we started thinking if there was a place which nature could speak for our music.

That's very different from song to song. Sometimes we write together. One might have the music down and another the lyrics, or so. Sometimes Thomas presents a whole song, and sometimes I do. The songs are however never really complete until all three of us have added our colours.

The album was recorded and mixed during the winter and spring of 2010/2011.

King Crimson - In The Wake Of Poseidon, Midnite - Ras Mek Peace,
Jan Johansson - Jazz P Svenska, Stevie Wonder - Inner Vision and
Peps Blodsband - Blodsband, to name a few.

Toby uses Tama drums, Meinl cymbals, Evans heads and ProMark sticks.
Thomas uses his own Ibanez model "Beard Bender", Ibanez pedals, Fender amps and
D'Addario strings. I use Ibanez BTB basses, Ibanez and Exar pedals, Hartke preamps,
LAB poweramps and 2x15" cabinets.

Before things get rough I could not exclude a question about the stonerrock -desert rock music genre opinions , this music style become even popular lately and many bands from worldwide takes that direction ,is there any preference - influences for the pioneers of this music style ( Kyuss , Fu Manchu ,Monster Magnet ,Cathedral ,etc) , stoner rock bands rises in Europe ,America , Australia , Scandinavia , Spain ,Germany , Greece ... what's is the "best" new stoner band ,that yourselves notice ;

Kamchatka:Bands like Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age are definitely an influence of ours.
Otherwise we're unfortunately not that be wandered in the genre, I'm afraid. Thank you Roger congrats for the 4rd album "Bury Your Roots"  

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