Interview with Nibiru(IT) enters to the occultism ritual world of nibiru  a stoner psychedelic sludge band from Turin north Italy  - this band delivery you to the eastern utopian places !!
 NIBIRU(IT) i am very grateful for this interview! After listen the first album Caosgon one of the most interesting conversations & answers is here.Enter ritual & psychic world of Nibiru(IT).You have to spent some time to understood but worthy 200% & if you see the videos you will be familiar .Read It! it's a complete interview with news members profiles , and thank personally Siatris for this process. Scroll down...

NIBIRU(IT) - Exclusive photo to (19 -June-2013) thanks ! Hello Guys on Nibiru , Bong's up....!! Lets face it i think Nibiru music its a fluid situation or improvisation , i read about your origins from the past bands comes from black metal/industrial the music direction change but maybe the themes are similar ? Celeste: Samsara is broken is the track free on bandcamp - psychedelic and noisy again -is it the physical continue of Caosgon ; any plan for follow up with EP or full album on near future ;

Ardath: Hi! Its a pleasure to be able to express with our voice the universe that Nibiru makes alive and perceptible. If its possible to do that….

Nibiru means instinct, no schemes, flowing elements that we interiorize every day in order to appear acceptable to the outside world.

For my experience, every band in which Ive played has always used the instinct as the only true form of art. Let yourself go, without any external constraint, and observe the images taking shape.

Often the incompatibility between the members of the group and, in a small part, the boundaries imposed by certain types of music, make the achievement of this emotional status no easy.

Nibiru created around me an unusual universe, without logic, without creative boundaries; an utopian world that provokes a psychological dependence.

Celeste” was composed right after “Caosgon”. You can feel a moment of insane quiet, after the previous instinctive and dangerous violence. I think it could be considered a dangerous start of a new course of the old Nibiru.

We are working to the next new release, which is coming soon. We intend to continue without any interruption, with the real purpose of destabilizing this boring and trivial juggle on the music scene.

Siatris: We have had a period of great composing verve. The sound has come out by itself and the tracks have been born with no difficulties. This brought us to discard the idea of an EP. Youll be surprised!! “Celeste” is a joining link between “Caosgon” and what will be the new material, in which the original rage has been put aside, without premeditation, for something more fluid and clear. But the Nibirus brand is unique…as always the tracks come out from the improvisation. read on your profile on Twitter before some time you perform stoner rock then you change to Psychedelic sludge ! , tell us about the formation of the band and the name Klukwana ; Eastern mythology and culture is very interesting for the Europeans - an unlimited source of inspirations but far away ..! how you connect and detach elements from there ;

Ardath: Klukwana is a project carried out for about a year. Except RI, the members of the band are the Nibiru.

The result has been a demo which, for now, is closed in a drawer, with only a few tracks on the Internet. This is one of the cases in which its happened what I mentioned before: the feeling between me and SiastriS was not enough to fully engage the other member of the group, especially without too many technical calculations. I hope to see one day this project realized, because I consider it of absolute value in its category.

There is no doubt that the East is, in the European imagination (always occupied to cultivate stress and paranoia), a special and charming place, as it seems offering a new world with salvation at your fingertips; but its only a misunderstanding. Everything is relative. We are living with false hopes. Maybe if we leave all our prejudices and feel inside all emotions, also those we regularly oppress with deception, we will can feel an unusual shiver which makes us real, in music, in poetry, in every form of art. Otherwise, it could only become observing and reporting what is already done.

Nibiru is for me the starting point toward a world of innovations that leaves me without no judgment.

Siatris: You're right, in fact the twitter account was created to advertise Klukwana, a project created to let off steam after a long period of musical frustration. Ardath and I didn't see any way out and we preferred to destroy in order to recreate something that we felt our; a project where we could give free rein to our ideas and creativity. Thus it was born “Klukwana”, which means the dance of the wolf. Its an ancient ritual of the Indians of America, where a man is followed by a shaman for six days and takes possession of the wolfs spirit, which teaches him the secrets of nature. Unfortunately, as Ardath said before, the involvement of the drummer was not to 100% - because at that time I was playing guitar -, and slowly all slipped through our hands, so Im passed playing battery and the project Nibiru” was born. The East is something mystical, pure. The research and the study of "extreme" doctrines, such as the Aghoris (see the cover of “Caosgon”) has always fascinated us. Personally, reading important texts, such as “Sri Vijnana Bhairava Tantra”, or the knowledge of great personalities, such as Suzuki-roshi and Taisen Deshimaru, opened an unexplored world ... but the fully understanding is another question!


NIBIRU ON REVERBNATION Its somehow difficult to imagine Nibiru to be part of the mega stoner festivals ( desert fest , roadburn) i think the band like to be more independent play live in selected places or undergrounds clubs to maintain/edit the scene with visuals , tell us about the live performance of Nibiru , are different than the album Caosgon ;

RI: Well, I think the point is centered. The music is absolutely just one component of the project “Nibiru”. The visual context plays an important role too, the ideal completion. So, it would be useful to propose a total concept that would merge music and image. In our case, a small club equipped with a screen would be what necessary, but here, in Italy, is already difficult to find spaces where playingfind the spaces equipped becomes a long haul. Definitely an independent show of this type for a couple of hours holds entirely the concept of Nibiru, especially after the release of the second album at the end of this year.
We believe in dreams ... and in Nibiru

Ardath:Listening and living “Caosgon”, you can feel an energy which can be manifested in all its intensity only during a live show. Playing in festivals could limit the objectification of the visionary, chaotic and perceptible universe of Nibiru. We would have to compare ourselves with more defined schemes, at the expenses of involvement.
I have no doubt that also in that case Nibiru would stand out, but having the possibility to manage with more elasticity the show would give to the public journeys with no return. Definetily you Guys give me answer about the music world of NIBIRU -get it ! I like to ask about the recording proccess & more about this Siatris that involved on mixing and recording - you do some changes on sound there ; Do you have some elements/themes/inspiritions for the next studio album ?

Siatris:The registration process is simple: we go in the studio, our temple, we relax after a day of work, we attack the instruments and begin to play, the length and structure of the pieces is not premeditated, absolutely everything is improvised, but we immediately understand if what we have produced is valid, let the sound flow and we do carry. After listening to the result we overdub voice and synth, then calmly, at home, I mix the whole thoroughly and in a professional studio we finish the job with a sound engineer of confidence.

Ardath:The new studio album will be ready, unless prevented, before the end of the year, we need to finish mixing, we reveal to you a preview, that will most likely be a double CD, and shall provide the listener states of extemporaneous dissociation, the whole world of Nibiru will be at hand but at the same time unattainable. Any plans for releasing on Vynil (as a huge fan) and many stoner rock audiance , evaluate this ! Tell as the most infuenal personality in stoner rock community scene , musicians or any kind ;What is the latest band that impress you in any kind of music ;

Nibiru: We had originally thought to print a vinyl, however saw the amount of material produced, the project was suspended due to costs would be too high for a band that produced everything by theyself, but in the future we would like to produce a vinyl gatefold adapted to the graphics ambitions of SiatriS .Every time he complains that the graphics of the CD is too small! for the interview guys was awesome Stoner Salutes from Athens Greece !!

Siatris:Thank you very much for this opportunity, listen to Caosgon and wait for the new album, it will blow you away!!
--------------------------------------------Band members profiles-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Live gear: Gibson Firebird, Gibson Explorer, Orange th100 + 4x12 cabinet, death by audio fuzz war, effectrode tube drive, guy atone tube delay, cry baby wha
Favorite Singer /Guitar player: Carl Mccoy (Fields of the Nephilim)/ Blly Duffy (Cult)
Best Festival: Roadburn
Best Psychedelic band: Early Pink Floyd (Syd Barret)
Best inspiration (non musical):  kenneth Grant
Best 90's Album:The Nephilim(Fields of the nephilim) Nola (Down)
Best Nibiru song live:Invokation IV, Heru-khentan-maati



Live gear: Gretsch drums, and Paiste cymbals…
Favorite Drummer: Danny Carey (TOOL)
Best Festival: Roadburn
Best inspiration (non musical): Suzuky-roshi, Jodorowsky
Best Italian rock band: C.S.I.
Best 90's Album: Transilvanian hunger (Darkthrone) Sleep's holy mountain (SLEEP)
Best Nibiru song live:Smashanam


Live gear: Voodoo precision bass,Orange AD 200+ 8x10 cabinet, Malekko bassmaster,EH graphic fuzz, glab wha
Favorite Bassist: Geezer Butler ( Black Sabbath)
Best Festival:Roadburn
Best Inspiration (non musical): Klaus Kinsky
Best Psychedelic band: Paul Chain
Best 90's Album: Demon box ( Motorpsycho)
Best Nibiru song live: Smashanam
Nibiru(IT)- biography

Nibiru bio: is formed in august 2012 by the split up of Tronus Abyss (several studio albums and live with
Wolves in the Throne Room in 2010) the band moves towards psychedelic sludge
sonority with an enphasis on vocals only in enochian language, deciding to record
the songs in direct drive to preserve the spirit and the energy of improvisation
on which the same are based, adding very few overdubs of keyboards and vocals during the mixing.


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