Interview with the  yawning sons(UK) ANSWERS BY Gary Arce FORMER (YAWNING MAN) & Nick Hannon (Sons of Alpha Centauri) IN A UNIQUE INTERVIEW THE bAND confirmed for the London and Berlin DesertFest 2013.
 Yawning Sons(UK) is a collaboration of the ambitious post/prog stoner band Sons of Alpha Centauri(UK) & Gary Arce from Yawning Man(US) former member of Fatso Jetson(US) a much interesting and enjoyable interview finally finished!

Yawning Sons(UK) Hello Gary Arce and Nick Hannon ! Thanks for the interview on for visitors & stoner rock fans Greece and Worldwide. For you Gary it's it is nice to speak with a member off this legendery Desert Rock Scene. Nick I really dig you band 'Sons of Alpha Centauri'.

Nick: Hi Periklis - thanks for the kind words.

Gary: Cheers bro! Mix your different music & personalities from U.S & U.K & you form the band Yawning Sons, sharing the instrumental element but different influences I think, you Gary most west coast desert surf music and you Nick the post stoner also band like Pelican; What is the direction of Yawning Sons ; how was behind this idea of collaboration forming the band;

Nick: We wanted to work with Gary due to his unique guitar style and to refine some new techniques for recording the second 'Sons of Alpha Centauri' album. Initially we wanted to maybe work with Gary on some new material and see how it went. However, from the moment we switched on the amplifiers there was a special magic between all of us which has escalated above simply just a collaboration or a guest appearance. Hence 'Yawning Sons' was born. It felt really cool and the songs just began to flow, before we knew it we had a concept and a theme behind the music. Since then we have continued to capture that same vibe even though there is great distance between us. We have captured the magic of Yawning Sons through both releases and continuing to do that is our main priority. Yawning Man is quite melodic & less heavy than Sons of Alpha Centauri - were you afraid of losing some of your audience or you do not care ?

Gary: I didn't care, I'm always open to playing and jamming to different styles of music, that's were the most unique and interesting sounds and songs generate from. There are some same influences from composing the "Ceremony to The Sunset". I guess mainly from 70's records/bands and from the 90s also I think is it true? Yawning Sons 7" vinyl split with WaterWays was a very special and recent release, is there a plan to make a new full album after 2 years of the first ?

Nick: Absolutely! S.O.A.C are majorly driven by British rock form the 70s such as Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath. Marlon (the guitarist) listens to a lot of jazz and Andy (keyboards) is heavily involved in ambient music. Personally I really like the Man's Ruin Records vinyl releases from the 90s. They were really high quality releases, silkscreen by Frank Kozik all on different colored vinyl. I ended up listening to 200 bands through that label. The WaterWays / Yawning Sons 7" and the Sons of Alpha Centauri / WaterWays / HWCT 12" are all really high quality vinyl, stock paper and silkscreen print. At a time of digital downloading and a reduction of physical format releases - it sees only right to make each individual release as crafted and tailored as possible. Some songs on "Ceremony to The Sunset" remind me 'The Soundtrack of our Lives' there a similarity or a touch , tell us about the new alternative progressive scene , is there an interesting band to play live apart from that stoner/desert rock scene ?

Nick: I really don't know much about the alternative progressive scene to be honest. I really love instrumental music though hence it has always been great to be working with acts such as Yawning Man and Karma to Burn who have pioneered their respective sounds. We all love ambient music in Yawning Sons and that thick organic warmth that comes with the sound of blending Yawning Man with Sons of Alpha Centauri. We had a lot of references to 'My Bloody Valentine' and 'Tangerine Dream'. We love those bands...

Gary: Yeah, dissonant experimental guitar music is right up my alley! I bet you can't wait until Desert Fest 2013! This is the reason for send me a few words about this, the event makers, the producers, the venues and the experience play together with great bands , is there a musicians to say hi ,talk ,watch!

Nick:DesertFest 2013 is run by Desert Scene UK (London) and Sound of Liberation (Germany). I've known the Desert Scene guys since Day 1 when S.O.A.C were the support act for the first show with Atomic Bitchwax. Since then we've played loads of Desert Scene shows such as Brant Bjork, Acid King etc. They are all really nice guys and completely dedicated to the music and the belief in the musicians. After about 10 big shows they decided to step it up a gear to a establish a major London festival. Last year at Desert Fest Sons of Alpha Centauri, Rotor and Karma to Burn all played the main stage on the opening night and it just awesome everyone being together and celebrating instrumental music for that night. It is unique in that all of the nights are often themed with a concept and on the opening night this year it's the 'Godfathers of the Desert' hence Yawning Man, Yawning Sons and Fatso Jetson all playing together. It's going to be a really intimate one off show to get all three of the bands together so it only felt right that it is a big event such as Desert Fest!

Yawning Sons / WaterWays - Split "7 (2011) 500 copies on sea blue 70 gram vinyl

Label: Space Age & Cheesecake taste right now on turntable or cd player, song or album - an apocalyptic/ hidden band maybe that worth's?

Gary:The latest band I was listening to are actually a older band I recently discovered, The Monks from Germany, super cool fuzz noise band from the 70s and I was recently listening to Azonic, its the guitar player from blind idiot god and the guitar player from Godflesh. Experimental guitar music is my favorite type and style... We have some good interesting stoner rock bands in our scene in Greece.We have some distance from Uk , Germany and central Europe . You Gary first tell us something you might know some new band 's or old ;

Gary:That's a tough one! For older bands I really like Brian Eno, Deep purple, MU, Lords of the New Church, Air, Can, newer bands I like The Mermen, Blind Idiot God there's too many to mention, it depends on my mood I guess. music are there other form of arts you like to be active enjoy?(painting,movies,videos).

Nick:All Yawning Sons and Sons of Alpha Centauri releases feature photography and artwork delivered by the band themselves and in particular landscape photography. We have invested a significant amount of time into design (logos), the website and even every single flyer and poster is designed by the band.For the slightly heavier SOAC back catalogue we have full background visuals which we debuted with 'A Storm of Light' in London.

Gary: I like to draw when I have time, I'm really into cartoon characters and facial expressions. Ask any of my friends, at one time or another they've all been subjects in my drawings!



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