6 NOVEBER  2011 Arenna - Beats of Olarizu CD/2LP
Country: Spain
Genre: Grunge/ Stoner
Release Date: May 2011
Format: CD digipack/ 2Lp
Label: Nasoni Records
Duration: 68:18* on cd
Album ID:

1 - Morning Light
2 - Receiving the Liquid Writings
3 - Fall of the Crosses
4 - Eclipse
5 - The Strangest of Lives
6 - Metamorphosis in Ic [0,9168 g/cm3]
7.-Pilgrimage *
8.-Yeahh Man!*
9.-Pain Eraser *
*Bonus tracks only on Vinyl


Definitely in this days we have an overproducing and releasing of stoner rock albums ,Arenna from Basque Country - North Spain  is one of those bands that win my attention especially with the performing of the singer Txus  in this case i think you should try to listen some tunes from these dudes .The latest release 'Beats of Olarizu' came this May from the Leading Stoner Psychedelic Label Nasoni- Records .
Morning Light is comment heavy rock song but the strong riff  and vocals of the singer performing confident and soulful that remind us the 90's Grunge era of Stone Temple Pilots - Core as well some Alice in Chains songs and some Spanish accent fits great and give here some different identity .'Fall of the Crosses' come also in these heavy rock standards before getting more boring show as some melodies in the next track 'Eclipse' one of the best moments of the album a 10 minutes of psychedelic jams keyboards , melotron , Hammond organ with special guests , the band i think should experiment more in these music style .Arenna  - 'Beats of Olarizu' have a also a great production carefully and the riffs rhythm section are very strong ,Well done for a Debut Album will satisfy the most of the grunge and stoner rock audience

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Editor's Rating: 3.5/5 stars


(2005– present)
Line up:
Guille :drums
Javi :bass
Kike :guitar
Rober :guitar
Demo (2007)
Beats of Olarizu CD/LP (2011)





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