Bloody Hammers - Spiritual Relics (2013)

Country: U.S.A
Genre: Doom rock
Release Date: 1 October 2013
Format: CD/LP
Label: Soulseller Records
Album ID:SR0004-CD

1. What’s Haunting You
2. At The Well Of Nazareth
3. The Transit Begins
4. The Source
5. Color Me Blood Red
6. Night Of The Long Knives
7. Shiver
8. Science Fiction
9. Flesh Of The Lotus
10. Path Of Sorrows

'Bloody Hammers' from North Carolina start as a solo project of Anders Manga is a doom/horror rock band with 80's indie feel, their influences starting from retro rock,punk,southern,gothic even some grunge moments !!
'What’s Haunting You' direct and catcty riff accompanying with asynchronous/casually keybords of 'Devallia' that maybe ruined everything here - i prefer the keys more intent during parts of the song ,not in the background.
'At The Well Of Nazareth' unlike the starting song the garaze oriented keys and a memorable chorus , all these content will picture in you mind a sense b-movies , Frankestain and such... the rhyme's writen by 'Anders' is the strongest point and if the production was not carelessness the 'Spiritual Relics' could be masterpiece.
'The Transit Begins' listening just make sure that is'nt the same band! in the dark western moody lines of the bass and drum kit and narration lyrics inspired from the desert rock 80's scene ala 'Giant Sand' 'Naked Prey' , well done guys exquisite tunes this my pick of the album.
'The Source' is a gothic rock song in the style of 'Sisters of Mercy' not word about it , but i notice 'Bloody Hammers' have change 4 music genres until the start, and succesfully.
'Color Me Blood Red' revert the usual structures of the first tracks wih scathing lyrics a punk rock in the vein of Misfits and Jeff Dahl.
'Bloody Hammers' punkgothicdoom horror think fans of Misfits , Mudhoney and Alice Cooper should check - go down listen and vote 'At the Well of Nazareth' !

Editor's rating 3.6/5 stars                                                                                    vote !
(2012 – present)
Line up:
Anders Manga: Bass/Vocals
Devallia: Piano/Organ
Zoltan: Guitar
Doza: Drums
Bloody Hammers (2012)
Spiritual Relics (2013)



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