Candybar Planet - Timelapse CD/LP (2013)

Country: Netherlands
Genre: Stoner Rock
Release Date: 28 Sept 2013
Format:CD - Lp/Ltd 
Label: Lighttown Fidelity Recs
Album ID:-LTF-003-CD

1.Monkey See
3.Spin Off
5.King Candy Crown
7.Murky Water

'Candybar Planet' is a stoner rock band from Eindhoven their sound is smooth heavy and filled , lyrically is rock n roll oriented make them direct & understanding to the audience. The famous Dutch stoner rock scene/movement with bands like 35007, 7zuma7 , Peter Pan Spoiler and of course Celestial Season, along with other bands in Belgium that days like Cowboys and Aliens the lowlands have the strongest stoner scene side by side with Sweden. The band avoid metal paths and Sabathic recycled riffs... focus on groovy-ness and rhythm than the technique ,sometimes have spacey sonic elements but in a limited dose ,the solos are rare performed the words have personal themes (sex,cars,women) with a bit of sleaziness, the singer balanced perfectly on the songs and push it over he don't suppressing the tracks. The mood its pure groove stoner' roll!
Monkey See' capture the spirit of 90's and grunge with the simpest tune - there is nothing emphatic here and maybe makes you apathetic or indifference, this hard rock song in the vein of Motorpsycho but leave me a good premonition for what comes next.
'Unwind' shifting to more catchy rhythms remind me a lot the excellent 10" on Drunken Maria records the slow tempo drums driven song seems monotonic before to explode on chorus with melodic lyrics of Richard , moving forward the unfold the psychedelic guitar solos and merge all this again to the rhythm structure, no doubt enjoyable.
'Spin Off' constant the electronic psychedelic sounds & space effects with some ambient on intro - oh Well... ! this reminds me a lot of 35007 and Astrosiniq then throuth in the hard rock sound of 'Monster Magnet' 4 Way Diablo and Monolithic Baby ,'Richard 'Luke' Plukker perform like a melancholic Dave Wydorf luckily there is not much similarity in the voice tone , i evaluate the vocals here , this is my pick.. big tune!
'Punchline' starts suddenly and noisy (the band’s strongest point is here) the song goes much like preview track , the Candybar Planet riff always have stickiness ,another positive to the voice here is the confidence seem never gets rough speech, experiments and texture are rare , so if you expect diversity you are out of Timelapse!
'King Candy Crown' leaded by the bass foundation harmony and lyrics it's fairly and sweet song, stands decent to whole album.
'Tumbleweed' give you a slightly feel of a country grunge balland with the acoustic guitar lines , wondering if the band have influences from Stone Temple Pilots.
'Murky Water' and the video released stands as highlight for them and for newcomers , more into mainstream hard rock comes indifference to me - do they need hits ?
The anticipated comeback of' Candybar Planet' with Timelapse.... - stoner roll bliss ... for fans of Generus Maria , Stoner Kings ,Hangnail , and RoadSaw , go down and vote for the !
Thanks to Justin Buffinga and Soz Concerts

Editor's rating 4./5 stars                                                                                    vote !
(1999 – present)
Line up:
Richard 'Luke' Plukker - Vocals & Bass Guitar ,Acoustic Guitar and Piano
Murphy van Oijen - Guitar & Keys and Synthesizer
Koen Rijnbeek - Drums
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