Carbellion - Headliner  EP (2013)

Country: U.S.A
Genre: Heavy / Southern/Rock
Release Date: July 23, 2013
Format: Cd
Label: Indie 500 Records
Album ID:-

1 Never
2 Risky Business / Slight Return
3 Mississippi Queen
4 The Deafening
5 Cities
6 Unsafe Behavior

'Carbellion' a five piece band based in Wisconsic specialized in bearded southern groovy rock! you know what i mean ? for the likerers of Clutch,Black Label Society with influences to ZZ top even the Grunge scene like Alice in Chains and country folk Johnny Cash vibes.
First think i notice the characterist voice of the Vocalist balanced somewere to southern rock with a touch glam metal alcohol whiskkey burned and horse styled ... Cameron is pasionate about their performance , seems the leading the band with the singing and lyrics.
'Never'is a straight forward simple catchy song ... the rythm guitar is sharpy and tastefull but the track is not the best for them,'Risky Business / Slight Return' show more of the talent & inventiveness plus the fantastic bass lines distinguished when the noises from the guitars slow downs - this a complete song. In 'Cities' Cameron unfolds the harmony vocals - here the track starting slow before explode to the super heavy riff -agian the bassist shines on the backrounds the same for the drummer on the ends of the song.'Unsafe Behavior' closes the ep personaly is the first song that i don't like the vocalities seems tottaly unfamiliar for Carbellion.
'Mississippi Queen Song' what to say and write about this cover , this song can't be performed wrong but also the guys give their soul out.'The Deafening' walk the path of alternative metal , a mix of Pantera and Soundgarden in a descent results.
'Headliner' EP for fans of Raging slab ,Clutch , Halfway to Gone and the Bearded Southern Metaheads! 'Carbellion make it right'....here is for streaming the first track 'Never' ,go down and vote!

Editor's rating 3.6/5 stars                                                                                    vote !
(2004– present)
Line up:
Peter Reusch (guitar),
Bandon Bauer (guitar)
Steve Richgruber (bass),
Jamie Damrow (drums)
Cameron Kellenberger (vocals),
1. American Heavy Rock (3 song demo)- March 2005
2. Villains (Full LP)- August 2006
3. Outshine/Carbellion Split (EP)- January 2009
4. The Horse (Full LP)- June 2009ree Music (EU)
5. Headliner (EP)- July 2013)



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