Dö - Den CD

Country: Finland
Genre:  Doom Stoner
Release Date: 3 January 2015
Format: Cd-r
Label: Self Released
Album ID:-

1For the Worms
4.The Moon Follows Us

do den
Dö is three piece power trio band from Helsinki , heavy doom metal hard as fuck but ugly as fuck well musically is a sludge oriented doom with medieval feel and prehistoric vocals in small subscription it's a caveman-ish doom !
'For the Worms' starts with acoustic guitar then a dynastic riff takes the rhythms to create a mid tempo doom tempo , the vocalities enter to give the more aggressive edge on it , the band don't claim anthems but at least some uniqueness like other Scandinavian bands don't trap to recycled doom sludge trying to play like Weedeater or Bongzilla.
Frostbites continue more groovy than previews song the grunts fits to riffs and at it's clearer but the execration again its here , the more straight hateful band listen lately the singer is sarcastic, the track change the riff in the middle with some sleep-ish doom the drummer take the attention here , excellent drum pattern !
Hex is the peak of the album at least the bassist here is hearable than other songs covered gutar noise and riffs on the acoustic parts of the intro then forward with more fuzz guitars and a stunning riff reminds me the Swedish doomsters Ocean Chief it's atmospheric cold and mighty.
Conclusions .... aggressive low crust blackened doom you may like them if you prefer the heaviness against melodic epic doom, Listen 'Hex' avoid 'The Moon Follows Us'.

Dö the sludgesters firmly cemented to the own style of doom and gloom ! for fans of sludge doom , Negative Reaction , Green Machine and Bongzilla ,go down and vote!


Editor's rating 3.4/5 stars                                                                                    vote !
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