HogBitch - HogBitch - CD (2013)

Country: US.A
Genre: Punk/Hard Rock
Release Date: 3 Feb 2014
Format: Cd digipack
Label: Dogfingers Recs
Album ID:DF17

1.Queen B
2. Thrown to the Sky
3. Black Corridor
4. Hameh
5. Never
6. Life Begins and Ends in the Subterranean Oceans of Ceres
7. Slaves of the Ether
8. Consumptive Sun
9. Maidenhead
10. Skin Don't You Know Me
11. Rats in the Walls


'HogBitch' formed in Texas by members of famous local underground Texas music scene  'Boxcar Satan and 'Evil Mothers' leaded by exuberant performer 'Suzy Bravo' her high  toned 'bitchy' voice give them a unique identity. The debut album have uptunes and downtuned times speedy & slow - sometimes my confused you is it ... stoner doom , heavy punk or pagan grunge ? Well.. female singer and occult doom metal theme it's i have some doubts for this.. if it's some clone of 'Jex Toth' or 'Jess and the Ancient Ones' but this disagreeable redneck is way from this style , maybe raise to you her middle finger! and performs some outstanding tunes like 'Thrown to the Sky' and 'Black Corridor'.

'Queen B' start with a ritual intro then continue with a 80's doomy rock style the rhythms section and the grooves ar remarkable drive the song to the point .'Thrown to the Sky' unfolds  with a funky bass lines - its usual a successfully idea to change the style from song to song ... and the guitar swirling around personally love this song massive riffage! 'Black Corridor' goes back to the 70's hippie style - if you know the retro stoner rock band 'Black Cowgirl' this will reminds you , Suzy make slowly sometimes. In 'Hameh' finally the band become more doom, the satanic complexion elements without leaving the punkish roots , HogBitch loose some solidness here. 'HogBitch' ignore any kind of modern form of music that's why the music tagged as primal and have the connection nature.The biggest advantage on the band is that all the instruments heard clearly and the mixing/recording is excellent.

'Hogbitch' from Texas for fans of  'Pentagram'  'Northwinds' and 'Fuzz Manta' there are some stunning songs on the debut ...go down and vote them !


Editor's rating 3.5/5 stars                                                                                    vote !
Band (2013 – present)
Suzy Bravo - vocals
Chip Alexander - drums
Patrick MacMaghnuis - bass
Sanford Allen - guitar
HogBitch - HogBitch - CD (2013)





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