Hommage - Invaders 2014

Country: Germany
Genre:Desert Stoner Grunge
Release Date: 10 Feb 2014
Format: Cd digipack
Label: Self Released
Album ID: -

1. I Know You
2. 7 Days
3. What I Know
4. Little Lady
5. Miss Understood
6. Odyssey
7. Burn The Witch
8. Destiny
9. Caravan
10. Lost Happening
11. To The Old

What if i tell you there is a band from Stuttgart that mix stoner progressive grunge alternative and desert rock together in their music ; this band is 'Hommage' formed with two members of progressive rock band 'Ants in the Earth' they attempt to enter the European stoner rock scene. The debut album Invaders starting with alternative stoner  forms pass from prog rock and ending to desert rock of 'Qotsa' with experimental intentions. The trip to 'Hommage' songs is quite ethereal and non solid the album cover also refers to that conclusion !

'I Know You' start the album with a industrial rock feel .. easily you can describe as a 'Tool' and 'Chevele' inspired 'shit' especially the way that vocals performed. '7 Days' changing the vibe from the mesmerization to more enthusiastic stoner vibe of the Dutch school stoner rock of 'Peter Pan' late 'Celestial Season' i discern edgy guitar in the backgrounds that i prefer to tune up some more ... this is the hit perfect chorus! 'What I Know' continue in same style with a faster tempo in the vein of Spoiler album 'Mud n Glitter'.

'Little Lady' unfold the bluesy stoner rock of 'Nebula' and 'Fu Manchu' the vocal well done here but i have to say that in some other tracks is colorless with no depth. The Project of Hommage is assessed and must be evaluated .... many new band following the easy way to play in usual stoner rock recipe sticking in kyuss and sabbath riffs for secure results , this power trio have match uniqueness and free style. Attention! the riffs will not hook you 'Invaders' album is not 'Kadavar' or 'Graveyard' and the balanced style from alternative rock of 'Miss Understood' in 'TSOL' vein to stoner rock like 'What I Know' can be characterized as weird but at least listen the streams two times before you vote and most pay some notice the desert velvetone melodies of Caravan that will calm you!

'HOMAGE' for fans of 'Nebula' early Q.o.t.s.a and Soundtrack of Our Lives , go down and vote !

Editor's rating 3.9/5 stars                                                                                    vote !
Band (2012 – present)
Fabio Costa Miranda – Guitar, Vox
Stefan Anders – Bass
Daniel Hidalgo – Drums, Vox
Hommage - Invaders 2014





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