Hypnochron - Herbs for the Alter CD

Country: USA Chicago
Genre:  Doom Stoner
Release Date: 24 October 14
Format: Cd-r
Label: Self Released
Album ID:-

2. Submit 
3. Nebula 
4. Subversion 
5. Empowerment 
6. Come Fourth 
7. Lurid Spirals 
8. Snort
9 Pigs on the Hunt 
10. Burning Winds 
11. Rise From Below 
12. Fall of the Sun   

Hypnochron is a dark occult doom band from Chicago area demand us to focus on music themes , repertory of Satan and stoner lovers and womanizer's that's why and the relevant cover art. Definitely the power doom trio the can't hide their worship to Electric Wizard but sound so raw and rugged their power points are the prototype chord intro riff's opening tracks like 'Nebula' and 'Burning Winds' progress to the highest point of heaviness and some moments approaching to the fields off sludge metal there are plenty on all of the 'Herbs for the Alter' album. The lack off singing replenish with voice samples from horror B-movies and oftentimes guitar solos on most of the tracks. Perspectives of the band ? just one comment in my opinion ... a music producer could only damages their sound and style even Billy Anderson or Jack Endino work with them!
'Let's get to the shit! 'Tree' the opening track a straight crushing doom track with the drummer gives you the sense that trying to crush the drum set with so much hate & vehemence , this is the abbreviation for what comes next - maximum hate yields maximum results. 
'Submit' hearing the groovy bass lines and the creepy samples impress us but later comes second rater i will forget it instantly.
'Nebula' is the benchmark for band writing and performing again the drummer stills all the glory but soon the bass and guitar are so tight together as one instrument , monotonic chords riffs that drastic capture your mind. The main reason that you don't get bored is the most of songs are shortly from two or three and half minutes like 'Subversion' Hypnochron avoid the trap of other doom metal band to perform lengthy with out a reason.
On 'Empowerment' we listen more of a groovy tones and after the middle of the song a classic heavy metal influences of the 80's , again the charm is that soon end's let you unsatisfied & insatiable.
The 'Come Fourth' is finally more a stoner doom oriented , fans of Weedeater will dig the parts .
Paradoxical 'Lurid Spirals' the most extended track disappoint us at all it's a mesmerization  low tuned track with no sense of clarity.
Listen inhalation's and sniffing on 'Snort' !!! this is one of the best highlights a hardcore doom track in the vein of Japanese freaks Green Machine with the necessary low breaks.
Conclusion.... in selections must listen 'Nebula' 'Snort' and 'Burning Winds' avoid tracks like 'Rise From Below' & 'Lurid Spirals' necessary low breaks.

American indie doom !!! for fans of Black Pyramid , Electric Wizard , Earthride Green Machine and Bongzilla ,go down and vote!

Editor's rating 3.8/5 stars                                                                                    vote !
Band (2013 – present)
Troy -Guitar
Ken - Drums
Chris - Bass


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Hypnochron - Herbs for the Alter CD







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