Il Malpertugio - Demonios

Genre: heavy rock
Release Date: 30 March 2014
Format: Cd slipcase
Label: Self Release
Album ID:-

1.Cosmic cells journey
2.The overload
3.Soul Sharìa
4.Sign of an open eye*
5.Child of the clouds 6.Demonios


Head down to Southern Italy and the uncanny cocky riffs of il malpertugio band ! difficult to find similar songs of demonios EP to any other stoner band , the band have a wide open music influences each member and develop their own musical style and attitude don't expects trendy or fancy sounds.

'Cosmic cells journey is an instrumental with unpredictable groovy phases it's weird to attach melody in these edginess but the performers do the best , all organs synchronized well and rolling nice till the end.
'The overload starts right away with a tasty and catchy riff and the singer Ivan Gojira Franzini lead the song to his own path the voice will remind you a bit of Bobby Liebling's Pentagram style , after add some psycho vocalities there before Emilio lead guitar whir lings ..... full throttle rock !!!

'In Soul Sharìa unfold the stoner doom part of them , it's more slow tempo and mesmerized than before except the chorus with the usual singer low screaming the song end with a desert feel.

'Sign of an open eye' is a Gorgoroth cover .>In 'Child of the clouds' completly change their style the bluegrass country style in the vein of Johnny Cash capture your attention right on!, the Demonios close the record is a grunge style late 90's period.
Il Malpertugio something different in the stoner rock scene , riffs with guts ... from Terra di Lavoro THEE independent stoner rock.

Editor's rating 3.7/5 stars                                                                                    vote !
Band (2002 – present)
MAntonio Zannone: guitar, sound effects
Emilio Cuoco: lead guitar
Ivan Gojira Franzini: vocals, jew’s harp
Alberto Nardone: bass
Stefano Mancini: drums
The Blues Demon's Show EP
Sunset Screaming  Album
Demonios EP





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