The Kings Of Frog Island - v

Country: U.K
Genre: Psychedelic rock
Release Date: 2014
Format: Vinyl
Label: Amphibia sounds
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1. Tangerine
2. Sunburn
3. Temporal Riff
4. Born On The Fourth
5. Raised In A Lion's Den
6. Novocaine
7. Five O Grind
8. Destroy All Monsters
9. Make It Last

I start with a prologue for one of my favorite bands lately 'The Kings of Frog Island' a progressive rock group or a (party of guys) from England Leicester in neighbor (hence Frog Island) .... the Frog island exists as a place! In early 2000 Mark Buteux with R. 'Doj' Watson and the blues rocker Mat Bethancourt, (Josiah) form a band from the likes of Monster Magnet, heavy psych rock mostly in 70's period their mothership aboard musicians like Gavin Searle, Tony Heslop and others to write some stoner hypnotized soundscapes and songs strong enough to characterize them as the new hype of psychedelic stoner rock! Fans of Colour Haze, Los Natas and the such.... also here in Greece their releases sold out in a week in the record house sadly Electrohasch records are limited quantity. The news in after the brilliant 'IV' that temporary disbanded makes me kind of sad and i confess after this album become fan of the them after listen this 'shit' a dozen times i suggest you to start from here & pick it up.

'The kings become light emitting after developed their unique sound and with 'V' and finally have a signature , it's somewhere to psychedelic heavy rock with a slices of stoner/desert rock with a living of the founded member Mat Bethancourt follow even more to progressive rock lines and less retro blues style.

'V' is a collection of songs back in 2012 and 2013 starting with 'Tangerine' a space electro tune accompanying with various percussions , even the fuzzy guitars comes out you can not make safe conclusion for the follow up material it's an enigmatic intro intentness you for what come next.
'Sunburn' start with a deep slide guitar riffing with a temporary keys and effects ending with a tremelo guitar tones it's a catchy radio hit song but not the track that must hook.
In 'Temporal Riff' leading by an acoustic guitar and pessimistic lyrics and gloomy vocals ... reminds me some of the greatest legends of U.S indie rock 'The Mike Gunn' in Durban Poison album songs like 'Nazi Eyes'& others like 'Girl with no Chin' 'Holger' symptomatic or nor i prefer this against the Kyuss hysteria adopting from thousands bands in to stoner rock scene and the retro recycling junk.
'Born On The Fourth' takes you back in preview album but in a bad way, badly made with no sense at all it is like Brother Cane Fm ballad rock!
'Raised In A Lion's Den' enter again to progressive space vibe , i don't know if it Lion's Den or an Aliens Den ! the narration words i think don't fits but the background sonorous bass gives to the track the elements that miss some cool solidness apart from the various drumming. I think if you listen the all record one way you make the right results ...of course there is a songs like 'Five O Grind' and 'Sunburn' to pick as a hits, more exactly in 'Five O Grind' the perfectly riff lines  accompanied with smooth catchy vocals create a mind breaking groovy sounds. The ending track is very close to 'IV' c contains three parts one drone doom in the vein of Earth(Seatle) extended to space rock Dopes to Infinity era ...interesting aha ? check out this ending track carefully.

'The Kings of Frog Island' 'V' is meritorious follow up to the prog stoner masterpiece 'IV' need much to say? for fans Colour Haze , Causa Sui SGT Sunshine , go down listen and vote!

Thanks you Gavin Searle and all 'The Kings of Frog Island' long live Amphibia Sounds!

Editor's rating 4.2/5 stars                                                                                    vote !
Band (2004 – present)
Mark Buteux
Tony Heslop
Gavin Searle
Dodge Watson
Gavin Wright
2008 - II
2010 - III
2013 - IV
2014 - V

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