Långfinger - Slow rivers LP/CD 2012

Country: Sweden/Gothenburg
Genre: Classic Oldscool rock
Release Date: 10 Feb 2012
Format: Cd / Vinyl
Label: Beduin Records
Album ID:-

1.Them Tales
2.New blood
3.Caligulos times
4.Sink my stone
5.Sunny side
6.Clap your hands for the troubadour
9. Deep in the depths

'Langfinger' is a three piece late 70's 80's old-fashioned rock & roll band in the vein of Soundtrack Of Our Lives , Motorpsycho and latest Hellacopters era ,they formed in 2007 with a mentality to create pure oldscool rock as it possible in this metal cataclysm days. Langfinger is sumptuousness enthusiastic power trio gives us diversity of songs and music , from melody to heaviness just as simple and easy! 'Slow Rivers' is a puzzle of songs gaining influences from southern rock of the seventies spirit , nineties grunge riffs and dynamic stoner pioneers like Witchcraft and Graveyard , some glockenspiel and varius organs that also uses Motorpsycho recordings seriously... if you like good rock will make your day. Personally reminds me a moments of legendary Swedish rock rock anthems like 'Union Carbide Productions - Be Myself Again' only that capture my attentions and win us ... Check the carefully they worth it !
'Them Tales' instrumental short track starts with acoustic guitar and ethereal thin & clean lead guitar , feel like a power pop song of 60's and English showgaze scene Like 'Echo and The Bunnymen' this is not representative for what comes next.
'New blood' sets the frame for all album main style , straight from the start the catchy heavy chorus wakes you up , they drive you all the time loudly and the high tone vocals a sense of Motorpscyco records 'Barracuda' and 'Trust Us'....one of the highlights.
'Caligulos times' mix the progressive alternative rock with the country blues an awesome song that ends ironically soon ! best moment so far.
On 'Sink my stone' the appears of the singer  Ebbot's Lundberg (TSOL singer) is more than obvious, but don't worry their mentor the real Ebbot appears in another tracks.
'Sunny side' put the ends to the rock n roll feast provisionally to play a spaghetti western ballad the house of the rising sun ! feels like a parody, fans of The Gun Club will dig this tunes.
'Clap your hands for the troubadour' a lyric driven rock n roll only original song , from the roots of the punk blues rock to 'White Stripes'.
The stoner rock spirit rises on Wail! here all the grooves and change refer to 'Mammoth Volume' finally stonerrock.
In 'The Deep in the depths' attempts to compose and perform a five track song like 'Soundtrack Of Our Lives' even it's not original , the experiment is sufficient for future acts.

Långfinger is rawk n roll jollification for all the psychofans of Motorpsycho , Hellacopters , Union Carbide Productions and Silverbullit , go down and vote fro the Swedes!

Editor's rating 4.2/5 stars                                                                                    vote !
Band (2007 – present)
Kalle Lilja - Guitars & backing vocals 
Victor Crusner - Bass, keys & lead vocals
Jesper Pihl - Drums & backing vocals

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