le mur - Silentia Nova (2013)

Genre: Space Rock 
Release Date: 8.11.2013
Format:CD Lp
Label:  Tribal Stomp
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1.O.M.E.N A decision of Despair
2.Techinical Progress and other
3.Suicide Stuff
4.Die Nacht der Lemuren (Teil )))
6.Silentia Nova
7.O.M.E.N - Creation of a New Silence 

'LE MUR' a band from industial German city of Bochum that drives you to trancadelic condition !! they play Heavy - Dark - trip - rock with Space and prog influences but often confused you with same jazz elements even some kraut rock that comes from their origin. Silentia nova will not impress you but secretly and deeply may seduce you!
'O.M.E.N a decision of Despair' is a lo-fi mesmerizing track the band start with slow tempo the speed up all concept leaves us with a 80's Italian prog bands.
'.Techinical Progress and other Suicide Stuff' staring with electronic sounds in the vein of Helios Creed and Chrome as well the vocals refers again to Helios the texture of the song is not guitar driven but discreetly bass driven with ejected fuzz keyboards. 'Suicide Stuff' is an intro to the next track... so read down.
'Die Nacht der Lemuren (Teil )))' released on video clip that worthy to check - the song full of art rock driven with the great bass lines of Janine the structure is monotonic but when Matthias takes the Saxophone and change it to organ make identity to whole song.
'Sun' is the more confused track ! , heavy rock and garage and plenty guitar jams , the result is successfully and more natural.
'Silentia Nova' open up all the performing skills , at the start remind me the legendary American band of 'The Mike Gunn' album Coduh full of hazy atmosphere then the funky bass lines takes the leading and finally some good guitar riff but not for long ... after some varius changes the guitarist fold out the 70's influences of Jimmy Hendrix and Iron Butterfly !
'Le Mur' eclectic trip journey psychedelic rock , go down listen and vote for the this multitalented band !

Editor's rating 3.6/5 stars                                                                                    vote !
(2006 – present)
Line up:
Georgios Dosis ,drums
Janine Ficklscherer ,bass,
Matthias Graef ,guitar, vocals , organ, saxophone
In Tenebris cd/lp 2011
Silentia Nova cd/lp 2013

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