Lurk - Kaldera (2014) preview

Country: Finland
Genre: sludge doom
Release Date: 24 Jan 2014
Format: Cd /Lp
Label: Doomentia Records
Album ID:DOOM-105

1. Below Flesh
2. Lorn
3. Ritual
4. 6 Feet, 6 Years
5. Sag Serene
6. Rest Unitaries
7. Cutting
8. Kaldera

'Lurk' a Sludge/Doom/Death Metal band... from Finland now released the second album on the well known label of Doomentia Records(Ravens Creed,Jess and the Ancients)and previewsly in the cult indie israely Label of Total Rust these four guys performed music full of darkness , hate and intent.
'Below Flesh' crawling doom with some groove parts enought to keep your attention on it imagine like the post horror doom version of U.S pioniers of sludge 'Negative Reaction' most of the songs starting with the same style the atmospheric guitar intro follow by slow tempo beat riff and the typical throaty vocals.
'Lorn' temporarily gives you a sense of melancholy before explodes to the extra heavy riff - fans of 'Cult Of Occult' will love this , they executed with heavyness but more smooth than ever sludge doom band.
'Ritual' one of the best compositions of the album and not actually a sludge song - mercyful doom vocal lines by K. Koskinen leads , mixing doom with post metal textures in the bridges of the songs avoid the boredom.
'6 Feet, 6 Years' easily comes on my mind few songs of 'My Dying Bride' the violins and guitar lines are characteristics - nothing remind you of a sludge music on the first part.
'Sag Serene' catchy groovy doom in the vein of 'Ramesses' early Electric Wizard that will all stonerheads one of my favorite songs...check it out - marvelous bass lines.
'Cutting' continie just like 'Sag Serene' a descent doom song but nothing more than this, death elements exist in some way.
'Kaldera' crawling sludge doom for fans of Zatokrev ,Grief & Eyehategod ,go down and vote for the fins!

Editor's rating 3.6/5 stars                                                                                    vote !
(2008 – present)
Line up:
K. Nurmi Drums
A Pulkkinen Guitars, Synthesizer
K. Koskinen Vocals
Nurmi Bass
Lurk  LP  (2010)
Kaldera Cd/LP  (2014)



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