Mamont - The Valleys Below EP

Country: Sweden
Genre: Stoner/psychedelic/fuzz
Release Date: May 9 2014.
Format:CD / LP gatefold
Label: Ozium /Napalm
Album ID:-

3.No Pills, No Power
4.Nebula VII
5. Morning Star

mamont-The Valleys-Below-EP
'Mamont' from Sweden with aggressive thundering retro 70's style will hit the stoner rock scene for real ! their music style is close to Witchcraft and more to Graveyard but with more dirty bluesy sound so they keep the independent signature, Just listen one riff and the intro of Airborne ...straight out to you.. 'Mamont' is the rookie of the new stoner rock scene.
'Airborne' also made out in official video clip with no hesitation put you in the their climate , fuzzy 70's retro speedy sound with unstoppable singing from Karl Adolfsson hoarse voice that ranges somewhere to Neil Fallon and Mark Arm and if pay attention to ironic lyric theme you get the meaning.
'Miranda' change the vibe to more slow tempo remind me a lot Pentagram and the followers Witchcraft they perform smooth and natural , guitar solos and melodic lines gives you a feeling of euforia and is the perfect follow up song to Airborne with clear antithesis.
In 'No Pills, No Power' you notice the fuzz wahl guitar in intro the synchronization of rhythm guitar and bass is remarkable, the only think getting bored on the song is the lyrics , ok Men your evil ways what else!
'Nebula VII' chose the psychedelic pathway ... while all other tracks label as retro stoner here is this progressive instrumental with plenty off guitar virtuosic jams.
'Morning Star' if this is not a stoner what else is ; the slow stonerish mesmerizing track in the vein of Blue Cheer , if Dickie Peterson would alive will be dig this acid piece of shit!
'Mamont' and the Mamothism rock !!! for 70's stoner junkies if you like Pentagram , Graveyard and the such you must listen 'Mamont' go down and vote for the Swedes !

Editor's rating 4.1/5 stars                                                                                    vote !
(2011 – present)
Line up:
Karl Adolfsson - Vocals & Guitar
Jonathan Wårdsäter - Guitar
Victor Wårdsäter - Bass
Jimmy Karlsson - Drums
Passing Through The Mastery Door LP
The Valleys Below EP

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