Mindust – Taking Off (2013)

Country: Spain
Genre: Stoner/Space rock
Release Date: 13 February 13
Format: Cd
Label: Self Released
Album ID:-

1 Escape Velocity
2 Sun Cliff
3 Mindfuck )
4 Solaris
5 Alien Without Flag
6 Recalculate
7 Black Smoke

Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight - Underground
'Mindust ' is a space stoner band from Barcelona they focusing on melodic forms than heavy music with a lot of groovyness and emphasis on strong prog melodic riffs,the band misses some intent they recover it with psychedelic velvet tunes.
'Imagine something between Pink Floyd and the Swedish retro stoner rockers Asteroid , they have more melodic forms of music but heavy riffs are also here, if want a specific description is close to cosmic hard rock - their style goes more to progressive 90's stoner with some 70's elements and electronic effects - i find them through a social network from their drummer/Producer and take some time time to listen and impressed from songs like 'Solaris' 'Alien Without Flag' & debut track 'Escape Velocity' before two week's.
'Escape Velocity' a psychedelic rock song starting takes you in the year of first 'Los Natas' from Delmar to 'El Gobernador' in the suddenly momments you will dig this song for the clear sound and the simplicity!
'Sun Cliff' is more of the Pink Floyd and melodic version of Monster Magnet but after comes indifference , you forget it soon even have some good rythms.
'Mindfuck' the fat groovy bass of 'Marçal Itarte' drive the track, perfect sounds i thought ... and acoustic guitar cover it after plus a solo on the middle of the song and some solo textures on the end.
'Solaris ' you listen the same structures again - i expect some more change & experiments from these guys till now , but to be fair i love the chorus.'Alien Without Flag' is a stoner metal in the vein of Orange Goblin.
'Black Smoke' asong full of fuzziness and a mega monolithic riff close to doom metal suprise me positive, Dave Wydorf may dig this tune... highly recomended for listening.
'Mindust' space rock for Barcelona if you like 'Mars Red Sky' 'Atomic Bitchwax' go down listen and vote for them !
Editor's rating 3.9/5 stars                                                                                    vote !
(2011 – present)
Line up:
"Kiru" Samitier - Vocals & mouth harp
Vicenç Esteve - Guitars
Marçal Itarte - Bass
Jordi Vaquero - Drums
Mindust – Taking Off (2013)



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