29 DECEMBER 2011 Morito Ergo Sum - Moonchild EP (2011)
Country: Sweden
Genre: Doom / Death / Metal
Release Date: 7 November 2011
Format: PROMO CD
Label: Self release
Duration: 31:05
Album ID: -

1. Behind These Tears
2. When the Grass Grows Over Me
3. This Selfish Act
4. Moonchild
Lets get into doom paths now ! Many stoner heads listen doom metal  music so here we have a suggestion: Morito Ergo Sum  the doom metal band from Sweden with Latin members - actually is the brainchild of Paolo Cito that takes care the most of writing and management , also play bass in Blood of my Soul and other  bands in Brazil and Romania , in the voice of Walter Basile he found the right vocalist - personally i think that Walter voice are close to Morning Beloveth  and My Dying Bride (melodic lines) very smooth and clear , and do not contain growl vocals , the band cover that with fill of groovy doom riffs .When you listen all the record you will feel depression and after a feel of release.
'Behind These Tears' open the debut Moonchild EP shows from the first moments with drumming tempos the huge influences from My Dying Bride late period , depressive doom personal lyrics and no kind of epic stuff , good intro track reminds me the Russian band that also have influence from MDB , excellent solo ending guitar . 'When the Grass Grows Over Me' continue more melodic than the previews track with a violin goes more slow tempo that songs are end without any interest for me . 'This Selfish Act' have a  nice changes on  riff , again the ghost of My Dying Bride wakes up ! with some of Celestial Season early stuff , finally there are some speedy guitar lines here .
'Moonchild' is the ending track a cover King Crimson song a pick of the album a track that you should listen from their bandcamp page and download free the first demo.
Worthy doom metal debut EP from  Morito Ergo Sum listen down or be doomed ..


Editor's Rating: 3.4/5 stars


(2008 – present)
Line up:
Walter Basile - Vocals , drums
Pablo Magallanes - Lead Guitar
Paolo Cito - Guitar
Harry Virtanen - Bass


I die, therefore I am  Demo (2010)
Morito Ergo Sum - Moonchild EP (2011)




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