MotorMammoth - mmxiii (2013)

Country: Germany
Genre: Stoner Rock
Release Date: 22 Nov 2013
Format:Cd Jewel case
Label: Fat and Holly recs
Album ID:EYE -013

1. Intro
2. The Kraken
3. Seven Witches
4. The Snatcher In The Rye
5. Interlude
6. Night Of The Living Dead
7. Vampire Kiss
8. The Man you Never See
9. Down On Me
10. Don’t Wrestle The Mammoth

Live recorded album by the heavy stoner band? we heard and listen many stoner bands lately to jump in to the scene with stylish productions the idea of the 'Motor Mammoth' producer Rene Hofmann who also write the first track is outstanding.
'The Kraken' is a rock n roll song played in the vein of southern sludge style of Pantera ,lyrically driven in the riff the tonality of the singer give to the song some melody plus the clear bass that you listen from the background & ending solos, that missed by the dryness/sharpness of the guitars ,the first song don't impress but have a lot of energy to gain from this.
'Seven Witches' released on May as the first single with ultra catchy riff remind me the Ranging Slab and Halfway to Gone accidentally or not; you will enjoy lot better that previous track , this is the highlights of the album MMXII.
'The Snatcher In The Rye' is more groovy based but using the same style the band gets monotonic here , outside the ending.here comes the 'Interlude' in the right time!'Night Of The Living Dead' starts again with the groovy metal style but the drumming into and the surprising changes of the tempo break that boringness that you listen to 'The Snatcher In The Rye' this is one of the most riched songs of the record.
'The Man you Never See' is influenced by Unida , Kyuss , Slo Burn and the such , its a totally stoner rock song to the bone - finnaly ! you may like this, and also 'Down On Me' that is simillar
'Motor Mammoth' EP for fans of Dozer,Pantera & Unida ,go down listen and vote for the Germans!

Editor's rating 3.5/5 stars                                                                                    vote !
(2013 – present)
Line up:
Daniel R. - Vocals / Guitar
Sandro S. - Guitar
Tom P. - Bass
Kai K. - Drums
MotorMammoth - mmxiii (2013)



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