MAY 14 2012

One Inch Giant Malva (CD)

Country: Sweden
Genre:  Stoner / Metal
Release Date: 15 September 2011
Format: CD Slipcase
Label: Self released
Duration: 31:33
Album ID: -


1. Ripe and Bold
2. Fur of the Lord
3. Train of Lies
4. Feed the Fire
5. Echoes in the Night
6. Treasures that Betray
These guys are worth to listen in any case independently from the similarity of the Kyuss clone name .The debut self released album Malva contain 6 solid  stoner metal compositions mixing fuzz and sludgey sound quite good.
Ripe and Bold starts with a great rhythms and with the singer fits perfectly in riffs and "Fur of the Lord' seem to be the physical consequently (apart from many heavy rock releases "Malva"  have a great recording clear sound even recorded live) .The mellow moments  don't missing in the album like "Train of Lies" but they don t have may success like heaviest parts. OIG will satisfied fans and audience close to Kaptain Sun ,Heavy Lord and more to Roachpowder that have may similar structures .'Echoes in the Night' come in my mind the ghost of Layne Staley of early Alice in Chains ... Realy  Filip Astrand how many hours do you listen AIC in the day ? !!! If you describe One Inch Giant music in percentage is 40 % stoner 30% , grunge 30% , 30% doom rock . Personal favorite song 'Echoes in the Night' and best part of the record the 'Treasures that Betray' starting  riff that came follow-through . Go down listen some song and tell us your thoughts .


one inch giant

Editor's Rating: 3.5/5 stars Vote!


(2009 – present)
Line up: Gabriel Lugo Méndez : Guitar
Filip Astrand : Vocals
Axel Berglund : Bass
Gabriel Ek : Drums


One Inch Giant Malva (CD)












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