My Silent Wake / Pÿlon Split EP Empyrean Rose (2013)

Country: Swizterald/U.K
Genre: Epic Doom Death
Release Date: Nov 26 2013
Format: Cd digipack
Label: Roxx/Quam Libet
Album ID:QLR-511311-2

My Silent Wake
1.Tower Walk
2.Tearing Worlds Apart
4.NDE part 2
5.Welcome To The Village
6.Doomstone 2013
8.By Loving Forces
9.Falling In To The Sun
10.Golden Voice
11.Post Tenebras Lux

This release attempt to be interesting for many audience of the doom metal style with the british death doom band 'My Silent Wake' the brainchild of Ian Arkley, who starts after the death doom style movement motivated from 'My Dying Bride' mainly and secondary 'Paradise Lost' adding some own medieval english folk music and the Swiss well known epic doom metal band 'Pylon'.Epic doom metal sometimes don't like by death doomsters 'Death to false doom' and opposite but the christian doom element maybe is the reason for this collaboration.
'My Silent Wake' start the record with the acoustic instrumental with mandolin & guitar 'Tower Walk' the texture and the simplicity of the music prefigures for what comes next... is more atmosheric and melodic than dynamic parts that have on 'Tearing Worlds Apart' a classic MDB worship work faithfully maintented to insired ,the keys is just an intro to the more death doom structure with growl vocals and eclectic drumming sounds like the For Lies i Sire' MDB album ,excelent production for the time and siletly outro.'Mirrored' back again to medieval acoustic folk style - for me tottaly boring reminds me a role playing games Neverwinter Nights and such... 'NDE part 2' is asong that made to bridging classic doom metal Sabbathic school with the death doom metal, is a tottaly experiment briliant riff to the end allong with flute.. , fans of 'Morning Beloveth' will love this tunes!
'Pÿlon' comes on 'Empyrean Rose' with unreleased tracks and guest appearances like Jordan Cutajar from 'Nomad Son' the other band of bassist of 'Forsaken' the Maltas Doom scene fame in 'Doomstone 2013' is way to different and expressive vocals make it a different song from the album Doom emphatically drumming and better clean mixing. 'Droid' is a Candlemass cover Pylon choose a great song even in this album don't sings 'Messiah Marcolin'... i like the song but don't seems any different of the classic Candlemass song ! - i expect more arrangement here , i don't know if this is a good or band critic for the band! in 'Falling In To The Sun' with the first singer/drummer fans of unclean doom sounds must carefully stay here for more , it's a sample for the second album one of the greatest songs with 'Anaconda' on Eternal Wedding band' CD , personally like more the first albums the raw doom years from Pylon. 'By Loving Forces' is the 9th track of the CD , this writen for the later material of the band with new line up on 'Homo Homini Lupus' with Jordan on vocals the summer will be finished , the album help the new members on composing songs and lyrics , so stay tuned for the new material in May.
'Empyrean Rose' for fans of My Dying Bride,Paradise Lost and Candlemass.. Doom Metal , cristian death and epic metal side by side ! ,go down and vote!

Editor's rating 3.7/5 stars                                                                                    vote !
Pylon (2000 – present)
Matt Brand: lead vocals, guitar
Jan Thomas: bass, keyboards
Andy La Morte: guitar
Andrea J.C. Tinner: drums
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My Silent Wake (2005 – present)
Ian Arkley: Guitars, Piano, E-bow, Synthetizers, Didgeridoo, Vocals
Adam Westlake:Bass
Rich Alden : guitar
Marc Ellison acoustic guitar

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