Pyrior - Oceanus Procellarum (2010) Limited edition cd

Country: Germany
Genre: Stoner Prog Post
Release Date: 12 Dec 2011
Format:CD slipcase Ltd 500
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1 - Pulsar
2 - Orbiter
3 - Nostromo
4 - Janitor
5 - Point of no return
6 - Dustown
7 - Mare t.r.
8 - Venom
9 - Sunset

pyrior-oceanus procellarum
'Pyrior' instrumental psychedelic stonerrock from the power trio of Berlin inspired by Los Natas , Rotor and My Sleeping Karma , merge sounds elements of progressive , alternative and some industrial and alternative elements , the result is much more trippy & ravishing with a dose of neutrality. You can call them the modern version of Earthless , sometimes referred as post rock as well in the vein of 'Pelican' but to more adventurous music style.
'Pulsar' starting some intro with electric drains and the crescendo moving forward to chaotic echoes this sounds will remind you airplanes cutting the atmosphere - notice that ! the band wan't to take you to this place it is quite stratospheric ...!after the intro soundscapes starts to build a scructure with drums that seems monotonic but towards to guitars makes some  textures that reminds you Orange Goblin's The Big Black period for a while. The velure groovy enigmatic tracks of Pyrior will dig fans of Legendary Argentinean's Los Natas (R.I.P) at El Gobernador 10'' inch release, they travel you instead... to impress you.
'Orbiter' finally a solid stoner big riff directly in your face! big tune in the vein of Sky Valley third part... behind the bulky fuzzy guitars the bassist hits the lowest chords make the low beats , a good track but comes indifference , no such identity and common.
'Nostromo' is the track that hook you at once, the remarkable melodic form of the guitar riff & synchronize rhythm section along with the background synthesizer space parts, this music transmit you to cosmic psychedelic ways ,no needed vocals with all this variations - well done guys this one is my pick!
'Janitor' is another track like 'Orbiter' simple catchy tune in the vein of 'Orbiter' nothing to give you unless you are a rookie to stoner rock scene.
'Point of no return' change the flow ,slows down the tempo and as a physical result lossing the post rock feeling moving into bluesy vibes for first time.
'Dustown' starts with full of thundering cymbals and recurring short riff , fans of 35007 will like all parts of it maybe the band listen it that time songs like 'Big Bore' or 'Powertruth' from the famous S/T album.
'Mare t.r.' a more bluesy and acid following the big Seattle bands like Screaming Trees and more exactly 'Love Battery' there is no sense of stoner rock here but do not dispose it.
In 'Sunset' leave the best write ups for this ending track , unfold the guitar solos , jamming and improvisations - they are full of energy & totally free style will freak you out!
'Pyrior' instrumental psychedelic rock ... for fans of Earthless , Nebula, Hawkwind ,and 35007 and Monkey 3 ,go down and vote for the them !

Editor's rating 3.7/5 stars                                                                                    vote !
(208 – present)
Line up:
Danilo - Drums
Torsten - Bass
Max - Guitars
Pulsar ‎(CD, Album) re-release 2014
Oceanus Procellarum ‎(CD, Album)
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