Pyrior Onestone LP/CD 2014

Genre: Stoner Psychedelic
Release Date:18 Oct 2014
Format: CD/LP
Label: Setalight/Fuzzmatazz
Album ID:SLR 076

1 Sphere
2 Onestone
3 Arakis
4 Dark Side of Neptune
5 Sunrise
6 Wolfsend
7 Surface Tension
8 Lunar Eclipse II

'Pyrior' is a three piece band from Berlin formed in 2008 that 'claims' orbital riff rock . more clearly for you.... they refers to somewhere in between space stoner and psychedelic prog rock. Along all these albums created an unique identity sound and ambitions to be pioneers of instrumental rock side by side with Germans mates Rotor (DE) Monkey 3 (SW) and Sons Of Alpha Centauri (UK) in the European scene and reached at the highest peaks of Karma To Burn (US) and Yawning man (US)! at some point they convey this sense with moments like 'Nostromo' at previews works.
Strongest part of the band the harmonic & solid rhythm section that leaves the freedom to guitarist Max Appeal the artist paint on the canvas... , jamming/arrange and improvising at wide space. Max is the man how takes the band to the next levels , a riff melody machine!
'Sphere' is the opening track with distortion and ordinary heavy riff but soon a calmer tempos detached from the heaviness for a while , imagine a similar structure and feel of Catamaran on latest Kyuss album but the result is not memorable.
'Onestone' the only occasional track with lyrics performed by bassist and by drummer a standard stoner song that misses the guitar extended work of Max Appeal personally prefer it with out the singing, fans of French stoners GlowSun(FR) will like the song.
'Arakis' finally getting more interesting in the own style like 'Oceanus Procellarum' tracks the coolness of the rhythm lines refers to stoner psychedelia of My Sleeping Karma(DE) and a dose of post rock but preying the  heaviness ready to explode plus the psychedelic background occasional sounds and textures , Pyrior found the perfect grooves and balance here , well done!!!
'Dark Side of Neptune' start with imposing bass feels so much darkness at once continue with a Spanish acoustic guitar in the vein of 'Los Natas' toba trance sections , the band demonstrate extra extra music elements and influences.
Sunrise capture the desert psychedelic fields of 'My Sleeping Karma' first album the catchy bass line steals the glory of Max Appeal it's Toa Ster ...ladies and Gents ! enjoy this beautiful piece of music.
In 'Wolfsend' enters with fuzz and a mid tempo riff that getting boring soon , this is an ok song with no meaning even the have simple tracks this composions should avoid in future album just to filled the cd's with music time.
'Surface Tension' with intro bass feels what come after a heavy track unfolds the some chorus riffs. Ending track 'Lunar Eclipse II' it's a jam track contains acoustic parts and also heavy distortion on the end reminds you the Monkey 3 experimental tracks.

Pyrior's instrumental heavy rock for fans of Causa Sui , Karma to Burn , 'Samsara Blues experiment' ,go down and vote for the Germans !

Editor's rating 3.8/5 stars                                                                                    vote !
Band (2008 – present)
Toa Ster - Bass,
Max Appeal - Guitar
Dan Low- Drums.
Pulsar EP (2009)
Oceanus Procellarum LP (2010)
Lunar Eclipse (Split EP with Beam Orchestra) (2013)
Onestone LP (2014)

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