SAMURAI - Sol de Sangre 2014

Country: Argentina
Genre: stoner psychedelic
Release Date: 14 May 2014
Format: 2Cd Jewel case
Label: Self Release
Album ID:-

1. Balada Del Sol
2. Mente por Hoy
3. Cigarro Americano
4. Cuatro Ramas
5. Higado
6. Primavera Arabe
7. Este Cuarto
8. 1870
9. Viento Negro
10. Ninja del Silencio
11. Perros Locos
12. Flores Azules
13. Santuario Oculto
14. Sol de Sangre

'Samurai' finally recorded the follow up of debut album 'Todo el Odio del Unicornio' with out a doubt improvement is glorious ! this work have fix stabilized the performance and musical style find their own way to travel us to psychedelic or trancaedelic fields & landscapes.

'Samurai' inspired by mainly by Los Natas , Kyuss this worship you may find common in the stoner rock hype was the spark to start , the band with the jam style of composition write tracks and add lyrics as an additional coverage.

'Balada del Sol' starts with a wide and bulk bass guitar lines of David leaves no need a rhythm guitar needed and gives space to Vicente experiment the guitar textures the result far one level up from early days Santiago works more with cymbals with out being noisier as a feeling detached from stoner vibe the post rock sensation is diffused here. 'Mente por Hoy' completely  change to kyuss ala green machine Vicente take the leading with guitar riffs and angry fronted style vocals with a necessary rawness not the best voice but ok try the best.
'Cigarro Americano' hook you with a crunchy guitar tone ,Vicente work a lot with the effects - to allmost songs the solos a smooth in a psychedelic way .
'Cuatro Ramas' enter with a Los Natas early style, Samurai generates a melow atmosheric feel along with groove that the strongest point to many parts of the 'Sol de Sangre'.
'1870' is bass driven experimental psych rock , here the band develop a prototype composition apart from the stoner rock revolution the band write a bulky tracks!

'Samurai for stoner rock worshipers !  and fans of Los Natas, Akhmed , Tool and Pelican ! ,go down and vote!

'Thanks especially to Santiago Montrucchio Cheeeers Men!

Editor's rating 3.9/5 stars                                                                                    vote !
Band (2008 – present)
Vicente Armando plays guitars an sings
David Perren plays basses
Santiago Montrucchio plays drums and percussion
Todo el Odio del Unicornio -  CD





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