Secrets Of The Sky - To Sail Black Waters (2013)

Country: U.S.A
Genre:Progressive Doom
Release Date: 22 Jan 13
Format: Cd digipack
Label: Kolony Records/Alive
Album ID:KR 015 CD

1. Winter
2. Decline
3. Sunrise
4. Black Waters

secrets-of-the sky-to-sail-black-waters
'Secrets Of The Sky' are a post metal band from Oakland, California that show us how metal can be played in the modern age , completely visual openminded & richfull of music elements the six musicians compose a solid album that some fans of the new metal audiance classify this album as a hidden gem!
Start listening the first song 'Winter' a death doom intro but makes me cautious with all these groups and projects raised up especialy if they are not from Scandinavia ! but S.O.T.S have a themes and lyrics that merge the music content - heavy guitars and growl vocalities give way to melodic/harmony keyboards and clean vocals & bassguitar lines that fills the space ,some parts of the song reminds you Tool and some other the midle period of Opeth.
'Decline' a song tha released also in video, bring you the sense of bad vibe and atmosphere , before again change temporely the style to prog rock - these crossover changes might suprise you and you have disinclination if you are not familiar to these genres.
'Sunrise' a groovy song quickly passing to melancholy death doom of Katatonia and October Tide!in the background the inexhaustible keybords at least you heard... but its all the price here,the chameleon vocals of Garett Gazay are notable.
'Black Waters' atmospheric and progressive a journey from melody to aggressiveness... the rhythm section take the lead most of the parts,the great production of Juan Urteaga have a massive results.
'To Sail Black Waters' well done metalers .... 'Secrets of the Sky' for fans or fans of The Tool, Opeth, Isis, October Tide and Katatonia ,go down and vote them!

Editor's rating 3.8/5 stars                                                                                    vote !
(2010 – present)
Line up:

Secrets Of The Sky:
Guitars/Keyboards - Chris Anderson
Guitars/Keyboards - Clayton Bartholomew
Guitars- Andrew Green
Bass - Ryan Healy
Drums - Lance Lea
Vocals/Keyboards/Violin - Garett Gazay
Secrets Of The Sky - To Sail Black Waters (2013)



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