11 NOVEMBER 2011 Sludgebucket - ClownSoulPowerTrip CD
Country: U.S.A
Genre: Stoner / Doom
Release Date:9 July 2011
Format: CD jewel case (2nd edition)
Label: Zzpot Records
Duration: 52:43
Album ID:

1.Narcoleptic Tides
2.Blink of an Eye
3.Super Ego
8.Spiraling Muse
9.Swamp Crotto
10.Zombie Waltz
11.In The Moment
12.Last Sunset
13.Through The Years
14.Swamp Crotto (reprise)

Sludgebucket - clownsoulpowertrip CD  

Sludgebucket formed in Oakland late 2004 with Kelly Waldrip and ex-guitarist Robert Santos(Rip) to bring their 70's elements with 90's heavy doom metal music together , the influences are so wide from Black Sabbath ,St.Vitus to King Crimson and The Beatles , if you wonder if this change the stoner doom metal identity ;
Ok straight out to the first track 'Narcoleptic Tides'  (featuring former guitarist John Robert Santos) remind us  way back to 'Sleep Holly Mountain' period sure you will be suspiciously think there is one of these boring band that recycled doom metal riffs from Black Sabbath ,Obsessed or Clutch ,backing organ and the deep confidently singing with sludge elements give a decent results ,sometimes pass my mind the independent releases of Against Nature ex-Revelation causes of progressive elements .Sludgebucket in Super Ego mixed Sludge with melody ,not the easiest think from the first doom metal riff songs here some Pink Floyd tunes !'Syshiphus' adding some speed  motorhead tunes ,'Spiraling Muse' is one of the tracks that goes indifferent to pick with very confusing results , the missing element at the middle of the listening is some rawness in any case balanced with Kelly s temporary growls .Continued with country psychedelic 'Swamp Crotto' and 'Zombie Waltz' In 'The Moment'  progressive instrumental tracks finally the band came up with an excellent  doom song 'Last Sunset' .   
Clownsoulpowertrip is the record that should  not missing at every doom metal fan discography collection you will surprised from the start to ending hearing this work!

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Editor's Rating: 4/5 stars


(2005– present)
Line up:
Kelly Waldrip - bass/vocals
Doug Weldy - drums
Brad Reisinger - guitar
Jordan Watts -guitar *on ClownSoulPowerTrip CD
Sludgebucket CD 2007
ClownSoulPowerTrip CD 2011




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