the swill - Thirst For Misery (2013)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre:NWOBHM Doom
Release Date: 7 Nov 2013
Format: Cassete Ltd 50
Label: Self Released
Album ID:-

1.You Are Alone
2.Demons and Rust
3.Deeper Dungeons
4.Analysis Paralysis
5.The Void and the Vision

The Swill is a new band that Rich Walker of Solstice (UK) and Pagan Altar (UK) members could be proud of them ... is a true new wave of British heavy metal doom with a blend of groovy melodies medieval atmosphere and themes , even their origin is from Michigan the main influences is the English doom metal scene and some 80's classic doom from the US like the first album of The Obsessed and maybe some Trouble songs. Thirst For Misery EP have on every song a catchy melodic chorus that is hardly to shrug off !!
You Are Alone' start the record , the groovy guitar mid tempo driven riff tuning in right to 80's music style and the high pitch tone cultish vocals of Matt Watrous standing above the song to make personal stamp , his voice have no such a depth because of the high tones but has a unique identity and posture.
Demons and Rust comes more slow tempo , again the guitars performs different from one to other making their own textures , for a while reminds you the early songs of While Heaven Wept in the mellowness and sadness - this is not my pick but the chorus are memorable!
'Deeper Dungeons' is a classic doom metal song i don't know is the singer that refers to Robert Lowe vocal style emphasis on ironic lyrics , the drums along with guitars make the atmosphere is hazy and dusty ... 'Analysis Paralysis' is an interlude track with Spanish acoustic guitar riff... is quite enjoyable and peaceful. 'The Void and the Vision' this one track the drummer lead the rhythm , the track performed nicely but comes indifferent at all.

'The Swill' the spirit of New Wave of British Heavy Metal Doom revisited , Solstice ,Warning ,Mourn Pagan Altar and Isen Torr ,go down and vote!

'Thanks to Postman Dan for the limited edition Cassette copy!

Editor's rating 4/5 stars                                                                                    vote !
Band (2012 – present)
Matt Watrous - Vocals, Lyrics
Dan McCormick - Guitar
Matt Preston - Guitar, Keyboards
Rael Andrews - Drums, Keyboards
Rob Hultz - Bass
The Swill - Thirst For Misery (2013)





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