Yawning Sons ‎– Ceremony To The Sunset LP

Country: USA /U.K
Genre:  Psychedelic Post
Release Date: 15 Jun 2009
Format:CD/LP limited
Label: Alone Records
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1. Ghostship - Deadwater
2. Tomahawk Watercress
3. Wetlands
4. Whales In Tar
5. Meadows
6. Garden Sessions III
7. Japanese Gardens

Yawning Sons is the psychedelic alter ego of Sons of Alpha Centauri a heavy prog instrumental band from Kent in England with the Yawning Man's virtuoso desert rock guitarist Gary Arce from Yawning Man's front man & part time member of Fatso Jetson from the first approach your impressions refers to surf psychedelic rock and the progressive elements comes later , but the record is not a experimental music all come natural and solid the project trying to re-create an identity of psychedelic prog rock and did this with a specific way !
'Ghost Ship - Deadwater' the opening track it's calm mellow synthesis with a acoustic guitars and thin lines of the lead guitar of Gary that you feel the gooseflesh, with an addition later Wendy Rae Fowler on the middle of the track give us some extra interest but finally calm down the tempo that has to be , if there a track to wake up mermaids and calm the bird's this is it ! on whispering vocals
Tomahawk Watercress lead by Nick Hannon bass guitar lines continue to move uploaded tempo that left us the first track even it's monotonic worth the time to wait to catch the momentum until the next song 'Wetlands' entering with an slow-moving guitar of Marlon King stand out on the other side performance musical note orgasmatron of Gary's, this is the perfect role play for instrument on this recording besides check out the riff on 2:15 magnificent work!
'Whales In Tar' synthesizer and keys of Blake take the first role , very scaring and creeping but is just a track on the middle of the album just to cut the tempo.
'Meadows' on the oter way refers to happyness mood , the lead vocals of Mario Lalli make a song for a while but as a result leave us indifference here..
'Garden Sessions III' is the best song for me on the album with the next 'Japanese Gardens' really prototype performance from the two of the guitarists thought for a while is a pop version of Pink Floyd !
'Conclusions' Ceremony To The Sunset is an album for the desert rock and even surf rock lovers , Collectors should buy this raw diamond ! (a gatefold vinyl limited of 500 copies and colored) what else do you want ;

'Yawning Son's Ceremony To The Sunset for fans of Desert Sessions , Man or AstroMan , Fatso Jetson , Pink Floyd and Orquestra Del Desierto go down listen the last songs and vote them ! Green Machine and Bongzilla ,go down and vote!

'Special Thanks to Nick for sending this vinyl and stuff for this review.... Cheers guys !!!

Editor's rating 4/5 stars                                                                                    vote !
Band (2013 – present)
Vocals - Mario Lalli on 5, Wendy Rae Fowler on 1, Scott Reeder on 3
Guitar – Gary Arce
Guitar - Marlon King
Bass – Nick Hannon
Drums – Stevie. B
Effects – Blake

Ceremony to the Sunset cd/lp







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